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In which School=Suffering; Daily Blog #1

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In which School=Suffering; Daily Blog #1

Posted April 7th, 2014 at 12:20 PM by Fenris

I normally hate complaining, but this entire week is shaping up to be one of the most difficult I've ever had to live through.

To begin with, I have a regularly scheduled history exam to take, and a textbook to read by the end of the week. Not a big deal on it's own, but piled in with everything else, it's a bit of a pain.

On top of this, a portfolio review, a make up exam for a psych class, a Photoshop project, 9 math quizzes, another psych test, and a partridge in a pear tree. The workload is piling up big time now that the end of the semester is in sight, and I'm hoping I can scrape by and survive until summer rolls in. The last few months have been nothing but an endurance test of both my energy and my patience.


In more PC related news, I'm starting to settle in I think. I made this account years back to look at the hacks and things, and having only come back to it now, I feel sort of mad at myself for not sticking around the first time. There's a ton of things to do and talk about outside of the hacks forums I didn't even acknowledge existed back then that I'm just getting into now, and it's sort of a bummer that I've missed out on a lot of cool milestones and things in the community.

Personally, I'm hoping to hang around the writing and RP sections more; they both seem to be fun and well admin'd areas (not that the other section aren't!), and it seems like they could be a nice place to meet people and better fit into PokeCommunity's, well, community. :)The ChitChat Cafe also looks fun from what I've seen of it, and the Tech sections, so I'll need to look into those at some point as well.

Right now, I'm mostly floating around and popping into threads that catch my eye; hopefully I'll find some place to settle myself in soon!


In my quest to complete the pokedex (as I talked about in my last blog post), things have been going decently. So far my biggest problem has been trying to find a Dunsparce to nab; 1% encounter rates are rough!

I'll try to keep everything updated and things and post something more later on. Thank for reading, if you did! :)
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