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Shine Diamond episode 46--The Afterpost

Posted August 25th, 2018 at 2:31 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group teams up with a young detective to square off against some professional bandits, and help a Luxray bond with its master!

The biggest change for this episode was removing Team Rocket. I felt that having the Bandit Beauties Three just be a Team Rocket disguise was a huge cop-out, so my solution was to make them three professional bandits. They would know better than to flat out ask for the item they wanted, so this part was cut.

Another big change was adding in Tarina to the episode, and give her a little character development via her friendship with Tintri, and showing off her cleverness and courage.

Ash does foreshadow the remixed Kanto arc, when talking with Marble about Tintri.

I chose to honor my own Luxray on my Diamond file by naming the Luxray Shine (this is NOT why the story's called Shine Diamond, however!)

This was also a good chance to showcase Brock showing off his archery skill by showing he does more than shooting aerial objects down. Sometimes he will hit a far off switch, like in a Zelda game (something Tarina lampshades.

I chose to leave how Brock's song at the end goes up to interpretation--it does retell the events of he episode, in song.

Next time, the group encounters Team Galactic in some ruins, where Dawn befriends a Ralts and awakens her own Heart Song!
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