Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 2

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Never fear, the citizens of Tokyo - a group of magical teenagers in sailor uniforms will save the day.

... Saying that out loud makes me realize just how weird the magical girl genre is as a whole, but that's also probably why I love it.

Chapter #2 - Looming Threat


[Current OST: File
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Random poll time!

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Which restaurant makes the best fries? These don't have to be fast food places or even chains; if there's a locally owned restaurant that serves up the best fries in the world, please share

Asking because I'm looking for places to add to my bucket list.
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Moonlight Silver episode 107a--The Afterpost

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This week, the group meets the Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair, and keep Kamon away from a Dratini.

The biggest change in this arc was cutting Team Rocket out and replacing them with Kamon--since this is also the point where you beat Kamon for the last time in the games, and he admits his wrongdoing all along, I decided to have this occur in the remixed anime as well, which made for an epic arc that may need more than four episodes.

Clair does in fact share a Heart Song with...
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My Challenges

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Current Challenges:
The Rainbow Challenge(Pokemon Emerald)
Random Pokemon Challenge(Pokemon Black)

Completed Challenges:
Trainer Personality Examination Challenge (Pokemon Moon)
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You may be wondering why I posted a blog if you read this! If you expected this to come I would like to talk about what demon magic you posses and I want all of it.

I have no idea honestly why I do this but ok its fun.

I honestly never expected to still be in PC. I initially thought that I'd forget about this 2-3 weeks after I like came back and that it would be near impossible for me to fit in (don't ask why, it's nerves and stuff I suppose, im weird...
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