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Bad things take time, horrible things happen all at once

Posted July 18th, 2011 at 4:32 PM by Liliana Vess
Updated July 18th, 2011 at 6:06 PM by Liliana Vess

Its been a busy couple of months for me lately, we've had money flow problems, exams, and god knows how many last minute rushes. But there's been a few things that have stuck out from the rest, and i mean really stuck out from the rest.
The first one was around may-ish just after my grandparents went on their annual holiday to the Greek island Zakynthos, one of their dogs had been acting very ill. She hadn't been eating well and had been walking around with a bad limp. As usual my grandmother went running to her vet to see what the problem was. She was quite shocked to hear them say it was a sprained leg that she had, and that the pain was what was causing her depleting appetite. Seeing as this was the vet who saved her other dog when she had her jaw smashed by another dog she trusted him and continued on with her holiday plans.
While she was away her dog, who i was taking care of, was slowly getting worse and would only eat if she was given some children's medicine before hand. So by the time my grandparents got back home they rushed her again to the vets where they were told she needed some medication. She they bought it and it needless to say it didn't help, to be honest she seemed better with the Calpol. So one morning about a week later they took her to a different vet, where they diagnosed her with a cancerous tumour in her leg and had her put down.
Grief stricken my grandparents bought a run down caravan for them to clean up and refurbish to get their minds off of the loss of their beloved pet. However a week or two after that event my grandmother had taken ill, her stomach had swollen to the size where she could be mistaken for being heavily pregnant and she couldn't keep anything down. So she went to the doctors and after about two weeks or testing and waiting for results good ol' NHS she was told that she did in fact have cancer of the ovaries. This has completely shaken up my entire family, it's even caused family feuds to rise from the grave. But the most notable effect its caused happened three days ago.
I was happily warming up some food for my dinner when i heard my step dad screaming at me, when i turned around the microwave was sparking and had set a small letter on fire. So after throwing water all over the kitchen i went with my parents out to the local super market to buy a new one, my parents went off to the appliance isle whilst i went for a wonder round the games section. After about five minutes of not being able to find what i was looking for i went back to find my parents, to find something rather odd. As i turned round the corner i was met by my 6ft 2 step dad in his work shorts and his huge work boots crying his eyes out whimpering "the microwaves are out of stock". Needless to say, i think the expression 'the straw that broke the camels back' should be used here. The stress of my ill grandmother pushed him so close to the edge that a simple microwave could cause a breakdown in the middle of Morrisons, but what made things a little bit worse was the fact that my ten year old sister made my mother keel over laughing with the comment "god i hope nothing happens to the toaster, he'll kill himself".

So i guess what i've learned from these past few months is:
  • Don't trust vets
  • Be prepared because things can always get worse
  • For the love of god make sure you do a stock check before you buy a microwave

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    This blog is so worthy of comments. I know I lol'd, despite the bad stuff in the beginning
    Posted July 28th, 2011 at 6:59 AM by Shining Raichu Shining Raichu is offline

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