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New writing idea (not pokemon...)

Posted October 19th, 2018 at 11:35 AM by slyfox198

I don't exactly know if it's a good thing to post this here because it's not pokemon related, but I need to get this out somewhere lol

I've been thinking of a story involving aliens (I know it seems boring already) but as a bundle of parasites. Essentially backstory goes that there was one giant parasite that successfully found a host smart in decision making since the parasite needs a smart host in order to be smart itself.
Anyways, the parasite had offspring and they eventually were scouting earth as a target, as they notice many smart beings here, but due to their all-or-nothing mind, they had to be completely sure because if their host wasn't smart enough they would all die off. Also, they must stay within the space of around the same solar system, because they die if they become too far apart. There are no more than 50 parasites I'd say who are the ones coming down to earth to inhabit people and run some tests to see if they are smart enough for all of the parasites to inhabit safely.
That's where our main guy comes in. One of the parasites infects him and explains things in pictures through his mind because they don't know english, of course. Essentially he is held hostage, and anyways if he tells people they will think he's crazy. He is also threatened that he will die if he tells others.
The parasites need their host to meet a lot of criteria, like what they do in a number of situations. The 'tests' the parasite runs our main guy through are harmless at first, like math problems, but then turn deadly. Soon he must kill someone at his school and cover up the identity of himself properly to demonstrate he can outsmart the police. Our guy ends up doing it- I don't like stories with perfect characters, okay?
Eventually the parasite orders him to find everyone else with the parasites secretly. Through trickery on the web that I need further thought on, he somehow finds a gathering of the infected people because they were all ordered to find each other.
When they are ordered to meet and research more about humans to find if they are suitable, the people communicate through sign language and such because the parasites can't see out of their hosts. Now the characters must do what the parasites tell them to do to make them not look suspicious, but silently underneath they plot for the virus's extinction.

Due to a time crunch, that's all I have for now, so please leave feedback if you think it's a cool idea for me to work on. I'm not going to be available for some days because I need to focus on other things, but after that I can chat.
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