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There is a worm lizard on top of a MEOW-TAIN.

Posted November 24th, 2017 at 8:01 AM by Pudding

Pokémon always comes back to me after I let it go and push it to the dark abyss I call "I got bored and maybe I will play with you months from now." It came back in the form of Ultra Sun and boi. Am. I. Enjoying it.

College is wrapping up, my Thanksgiving was quite the rollercoaster, and oh! Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving to those who do celebrate it! Man I bet that turkey didn't see what was coming (or chicken for some?), cuz I was starving.

Wanna hear a joke I heard not too long ago? What do you call a large pile of cats? A Meow-tain. A MEOW-TAIN. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry it's the only joke I can think of at the moment.

Wanna learn something new? I always do.

There's this worm lizard thing that looks as if a snake and earthworm conceived a child. Ta-da:

Google images hides no secrets.

It's cute and tiny and has cute little teenie front limbs. Looking them up brought me to Mexican mole lizards. They're not the only worm-lizard things with arms, so I guess check them out yourself if you want to learn more. There's also videos on YouTube (where I first learned about this heart throbbing beast). If not I guess you can cheat your way out of a few clicks and open up this wonderful spoiler.


I highly recommend their channels if you're one to learn cool, new, or cute information here and there.

Also another cute tid-bit of info would be that the cute dino that shows up when you're offline on Google unlocks a cutesie little minigame to kill time? Touch the dino on your screen for it to start. No kidding, look:

Took me ages to realize this was a thing. Maybe some knew off the bat. Congratulations if you did, you've proven yourself better than me.

While I can say it works on my phone and thus I assume it should on mobiles, I've never attempted this on a computer. A quick google search or simple curiosity for those with a computer at reach will answer this though.
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