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    The infinity graveyard.

    Lol looking back at this. And yeah, "Milotic, you are now my second least favourite mon, my least favourite water type, and I was considering you to be my real least fav if it weren't for a certain purple rat. I will never forgive you, never use you and never, ever EVER like you. You should become extinct, you goddamn pile of frick.". Which is now inaccurate because I don't think Milotic is bad anymore. Though if it didn't kill my Claydol in another run I did I would have liked it by now, but it's not bad. also remembered how Shockie the Joltik died, I though he could OHKO a Darumaka. And considering the fact I have just so many nuzruns, most of them still ongoing, I'd probably never complete this.
    Posted March 24th, 2019 at 11:26 PM by PageEmperor PageEmperor is offline