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First Blog

Posted September 12th, 2019 at 2:05 PM by SunflowerLady

Ahhh...my first blog on this site I actually love writing blogs.<3 I'm all over amino...lol...and blog websites. I can't keep up with all of them ,but I always try. Anyways..I'm new to hack games of pokemon...I wish there was more funny more adult themed base one though. Today I made it pass the crazy mutant monster in space in pokemon empyreon. If you don't know pokemon empyreon you should give it a try it has over 40+ gameplay hours with a very strange back to the future vibe and blast from the past including movie references from the movie the hangover...it's has it funny moment. It's also the first game I found on here and downloaded and started playing on. I admit I almost quit when the puzzles of the deadly math came. The children puzzle was by far the hardest I thought. But, I figured it out it only took me two hours..heh..yeahhhhh..a challenge there. But, I beaten it without any guilds or walkthroughs yet since the game still new, so there wasn't anything to look up on google anyways lol I'm betting. I stuck it on randomizer because I didn't know what that was at all. WHen I did I ended up catching legendary pokemon in random spots. I got me an arserus with just four pokeballs!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! I also caught me a verizion..one which I didn't know was legendary cause I didn't see the movie on it. I caught me a victini as well early in. I even caught me an entia I think I spelled that right?:/....But the HARDEST ONE THE VERY HARDEST ONE TO CATCH!! was ZAPDOS!!! It took me from 7:23 pm until 12:46 pm just to catch it in a pokeball!!! It went through 267 pokeballs give or take!!!! I caught me a lunala too..but I grew it up from it's baby form I call them. But, I did it!!!!! The funnest thing bout this game is the sounds though it took some from digimon world three. So, the healing theme when you heal your pokemon is a digimon theme lol. But, the most funnest and unexpected one was the CANDY SHOP!!! EMPYREON HAS A CANDY SHOP WITH THE 50 CENT SONG CANDY SHOP SONG IN IT!!!X'D I was amazed by it..lol It even have some creepy side quests too. With a reference to courage the cowardly dog barber episode.:) So, far I'm loving this game. I did change my team a lot though. For my team now... I have a snowy ninetails since I couldn't fin a good fairy and wanted an ice type in my party..Medicham whose really good at fighting... Ryo my ray ray dragon...landorus my gp fusion pokemon..arceus..and my starter pokemon kyogre I think it's called. I mean It was a legendary pokemon as a starter so I chose it..I never seen it before though since the king of the seas is lugia lol. But, this ones a whale pokemon..I thought it might be good to start off with. So far my journey on this game isn't over yet. But I have no idea for my future ones. Any recommendations would be nice lol. Until next time!!see ya!!!<3
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