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Music Mince 17 [Dish #56]

Posted September 27th, 2015 at 2:54 AM by gimmepie
Updated January 9th, 2017 at 4:27 AM by gimmepie

Weekly Music Mince

It's the end of the week again which means it's time for another Music Mince, this time flavoured with some actual thought about each song according to the original format I used.

I've been listening to a lot of music this past week so it was really hard to narrow things down to ten choices, but here they are. Enjoy!

Number One
Song: Not Strong Enough
Artist: Apocalyptica ft. Brent Smith

Info: I only recently discovered Apocalyptica and subsequently went on a binge not only of their new album but also of some of their previous songs, including this powerful song featuring killer vocals from Shinedown's Brent Smith. This track is a song about an intense attachment, the character loves someone even though they make him miserable half the time. He knows he should leave them but he can't bring himself to do it. It's a song that deals with some powerful emotions and the beautiful solemn cellos combined with heavy drumming and intense vocals capture these feelings perfectly.

Number Two
Song: I Just Want to Make Love to You
Artist: Etta James

Info: This may well be the sexiest song in existence. I don't know how exactly but there's something about Etta's powerful, classy and enticing lyrics and that godly sax that makes this song amazing. Few artists have ever possessed the vocal prowess of this jazz and blues legend and that's made obvious in this brilliantly constructed song. Take note artists of today, this how to do a sexy song right.

Also it kind of makes me want to strip.

Number Three
Song: How Did You Love?
Artist: Shinedown

Info: In this life there's not much we leave behind for the next generation. It is inevitable that one day we'll all depart this Earth and all that will be left is the way the ones we leave behind remember us. This song captures this reality beautifully, reminding us that people will remember us for how we were to them and that those close to us will remember the love we had for them. The lyrics in this song are very well written and whilst some might criticise it for being a bit more "pop" then other Shinedown songs I can still hear the rock in their and I think the slight genre shift with this track fits it perfectly and has not resulted in a loss of quality at all.

Number Four
Song: Strife
Artist: Trivium

Info: This song sounds like Disturbed Meets Metallica, which makes sense since Trivium have often been compared to the latter and the lead singer of the former served as the albums producer. The song is about an inner turmoil, the character of the song can't decide which of several paths to follow and it's causing him all kinds of trouble. The powerful instrumentation and aggressive vocals capture the frustration of this character perfectly resulting in a great listen. Big thanks to Yukari for putting me onto this group.

Number Five
Song: Soap
Artist: Melanie Martinez

Info: Very different to the previous track, this is a great pop song. Melanie has a very unique voice and I enjoy her darker, melancholic and often quirky approach to the pop genre. This song uses the analogy of an overflowing bathtub to communicate a familiar situation. The singer has been filling up with negative thoughts and feelings and she's lost control, she's lashed out at someone and said a bunch of horrible things and regrets every word. This song is extremely relatable and the quality vocals and unique style make it great to listen to.

Number Six
Song: Hole in My Soul
Artist: Apocalyptica

Info: This is one of the most beautiful and well-crafted songs I have heard in a long time. The slow rhythmic drumming, beautiful cellos and quality vocals do a perfect job of communicating an immense emotional pain and bitter loneliness. The instrumentation on this track is of the highest quality, the lyricism is brilliant and the vocals are of a high standard and fit the song perfectly. The build up into the sudden intensity of the chorus is heavenly.

Number Seven
Song: True Friends
Artist: Bring Me The Horizon

Info: Some people criticise Bring Me The Horizon for their departure from their previous genre and subsequent switch to the sound of their current album, I however applaud them for it. I think the newer style of songs like this one suits the band's vocalist a lot better than the constant screaming of earlier albums.

Number Eight
Song: Cellophane
Artist: Sia

Info: This song deals with the transparency of fame, Sia's emotional troubles and the effects both have on her - or at least that's my take on it. The song takes a more minimalist approach to its construction with subtle instrumentation but that works perfectly for it bringing the focus onto the extremely well-delivered vocals and beautiful lyrics.

Number Nine
Song: All I Need
Artist: Radiohead

Info: Being completely honest, I'm not actually a huge fan of Radiohead. However, I really like this song. All I Need is very well-composed and enjoyable to listen to, has great lyrics and the vocals really drive the desperation and feeling in the song home.

Number Ten
Song: Brighter Than Gold
Artist: The Cat Empire

Info: This song isn't just classy, it's infectious. The upbeat percussion, cruising brass and quality vocals draw you in and then the uplifting minimalist chorus lifts you up to to a whole new level of bliss. This song is highly enjoyable and not just for lovers of the genre. If it doesn't make you want to to dance it will at least leave a smile on your face.

This completes this weeks Music Mince. I've given you my thoughts on these songs and now I'd love to hear what you think of some of them.

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