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Man.. I need an update..

Posted June 3rd, 2010 at 9:32 AM by Kura

Yeah but not really.. work's super fun :3 I love being able to sit at the beach with some work-friends for lunch. It's so nice and bright and sunny this week which is awesome!

I have been.. strangely, ending up with discounts when I go to pay for stuff randomly. Like "Oh hey, this is £16.." and then I go to the cash register and there was some special going on so I get it for £12. So yeah.. works out, I guess.

I watched The Room again a few days ago. Worst, but best movie ever. I just had to say that.
Man.. so much has happened lately.. I really gotta write in my UK-Journal about this more often.. I keep forgetting! ;_; Or rather.. procrastinating..
And I never remember to post in this thing because I'm on mobile broadband.. which is like the worst ever.. but the only internet I can get here that doesn't put me on a 12-month (or longer) contract. And I get a data useage limit of 5 gigs for an entire month. It's kinda ridiculous since I can go through 5 gigs in like a few days.. but oh well :/// what can you do, right?

Other than that, stuff's been well. I kinda wanna go shopping on the weekend.. and I might be able to go to the aquarium and stuff :3 So it should be fun.. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain.

And yeah... the limit.. obviously means I'm only gonna be on PC at work and stuff.. which is ok I guess cause I can stay as late as I want (even like 2AM if I wanted) but I like being able to go home and cook a nice dinner.

Anyways.. I'm out. Talk to ya later!

Also, one little thing to say to Nica; Hey I dunno if you blocked just me or anyone, and I know I can be catty at times, but girl.. sometimes you really gotta realize who are your friends and who aren't- just like your blogs says. You frustrate me at times cause my opinion might be different than yours, but when I try to give you advice I'm 100% doing it cause I want things to work out for you. So yeah, here's me saying I hope things work out for you since I couldn't actually write it up in your blog comments.

Yeah, out for good now, see ya!
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    Oh I disabled comments from all :( Aaand yeah I understand what you mean. XD;
    Posted June 3rd, 2010 at 6:14 PM by Forever Forever is offline

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