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Don't really expect much here. I'm not as active on this site as I was so I'm not gonna post blog entries as often,.
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Free Comic Book Day!

Posted May 5th, 2013 at 7:08 AM by Treecko
Updated May 5th, 2013 at 8:06 AM by Treecko

Saturday, May 4, was Free Comic Book Day, a day where people all over go to independent comic book stores and pick up free comics. This year I decided to go cause there was a free Adventure Time comic being given away. Then I learned there were more comics I'd like. This was my first time going and I've been looking forward to it all week and had lot of plans for it. I planned to wake up early and walk out there before the stored opened to get all the best comics. I also planned cosplaying as Ash. I was Ash once for Halloween at a party in 2010 , it was really fun! So I though I wear the full outfit inside of the store but take it off once I left. Then I figured I had to walk 33 miles and I'd be embarrassed about wearing it in public. To me it's different on or near Halloween cause most people assume your going to a party or to trick-or-treat. Going out in public any other day in that would be too embarrassing for me.. So I thought I wouldn't wear it.

Anyway, I woke up on Saturday morning around 10:15 am. I had my normal coffee and browsed PC for a few hours. Later I looked for directions for my nearest comic book store on Google Maps. I didn't really like the directions they gave me so my dad told me a more direct route. As soon as I was about to head out my dad stopped me and suggested that he can take me as long as I made it quick and went grocery shopping with him afterwards, (I needed deodorant anyway so I figured why not.) Though I was gonna cosplay as Ash , I figured since we were just going in and out, it didn't matter much what I was wearing and decided not to dress up fully and just put on my Ash hat and a dark green shirt and jeans and we headed out. There wasn't anyone in costume anyway so I'm glad I didn't really bother with it.

It was really nice in the store , This is the first time I've been this comic book store after it moved to a new location. Before it moved, I'd go in there all the time as a kid to buy Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Anyway, here's all the comics I got . (Note a lot of these where taken with a scanner btw.)

In this picture: Kaboom Summer Blast featuring an Adventure Time and Regular Show comics and more. Ugly Doll Comic has a Pokemon comic called Pokemon Pocket Comic , an English version of a 4-panel manga called Pokemon BW 4Koma or something like that. The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys comic.Archie Digest comic. Bongo Comics Free-For-All , which is the company who makes The Simpsons comics. Mass Effect comic on the other side of the Killjoy one. And a new one called Chakra ,and a issue of 2000AD which has Judge Dredd and some others.

And now a big spoiler!

A page of the Pokemon 4-panel manga.

Love the back of The Simpsons comic. XD

My dad spent about 15 minutes reading the Archie comic lol. Lucky to have gotten the last of the Killjoy comic. I have lot of friends who are fans of My Chemical Romance (whose leading man ,Gerard Way , made the Killyjoys comic based off one of their album concepts. so they wanted me to get this comic. I picked the last two cause they seemed interesting. Haven't read any of them yet, but I hope too later or tomorrow.

Anyway this blog's getting long sorry about that. Also sorry if there's any typing errors in this. I haven't slept a lot last night so my brain can't really function well.
So now back to sleep!
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