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Shine Diamond episode 34--The Afterpost

Posted July 7th, 2018 at 12:13 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Brock makes the most of a stowaway traveling with him to inspire a Nurse Joy with low morale.

The big change was revealing who the stowaway traveling with Brock that replaces both Bonsly and Happini is--Tarina, a Pichu OC of mine that I initially created for a contest. While she didn't win, I felt she still had some potential to develop. From the beginning, I wanted to acknowledge Brock having some baby Pokemon, but at the same time allow him to have a goal of his own. Tarina solves this problem because in my imagined Pokeworld, a Pichu her age is at the intelligence level of a preschool aged or kindergarten aged child. This way, she can have some independence and character development, and allow Brock to still have a meaningful goal without holding him back.

It was very easy to rewrite the storyline to incorporate Tarina, as well as switch evil teams. Her main character trait is her bravery and power, which thanks to Brock, is close to a Pikachu's power level (but she won't evolve for logistical reasons)

Although I hinted at Tarina in Moonlight Silver (during the remix of "The Apple Corp", even though in that story I did not mention her by name) this is technically Tarina's second adventure--she went with Brock to Houen, and will be going with him to the remixed Unova and the remixed Alola.

If you're curious as to what Brock played for everyone to kick off the sing-along at the end, he played this.

Next time, Ash sees Cynthia battle firsthand when Paul challenges her!
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