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One year already?!

Posted March 5th, 2014 at 3:53 PM by Tyrael

Yep, as of today, I've been on PC for exactly one year. It's honestly quite a shock to me that it's been this long. I'm sure it doesn't seem long at all to most of you guys, but considering that PC is the first set of forums I've "actively" used for a long period of time, I'd say one year is an accomplishment.

I remember exactly why I joined here too! Simply to trade my event Meloetta away for a Victini. Who knew that just from that, I'd be here a year later typing this up. I guess a detailed backstory of how exactly I came to join here may interest some of you, so here it is! Around February 1st of 2013, I decided to go buy myself a DSi and Pokemon SoulSilver after having not played the Pokemon franchise for about 5 years or so(since about 2-3 months after DP releases). So after I played through that game, I decided I wanted to actually give Pokemon a try again. I figured the best way to do this would be to spoil myself for my birthday and buy myself a copy of Black and White. When I got them, as I do with any game I buy pre-owned, I rummaged through the save file that was currently on both game. On the White file, one Pokemon really snagged my attention: Victini. It happened to be the Liberty Garden Victini, though I didn't know this at the time, all I knew was that Victini was some sort of exclusive Pokemon from an event. So, I decided to have my girlfriend get on the copy of Black with her DS and take the Victini off the White so I could restart that file and I didn't want to just get rid of the Victini.

After that, I did a little research and then learned that it was the Liberty Garden Victini, and saw that it couldn't learn it's most powerful move, V-Create. I was slightly disappointed at this, but then I found out that V-Create was event only, so I was just hoping for Nintendo to have another event where they gave away a Victini with V-Create. I stumbled through a few sites trying to find upcoming events, but the only one that was coming up anytime soon was the SPR2013 Meloetta. So, I just hoped that I would find somebody somewhere that would want to trade a Victini with V-Create for this Meloetta. I found this site via Google and wandered into Trade Corner and found the QTT. Made my post, and got a reply fairly quickly. So, in the end, I actually ended up trading my Meloetta a Victini with V-Create and I also got a cloned copy of my Meloetta back. I was very happy about this XD

I actually ended up getting quite a few other responses from people wanting my Meloetta, so this is mainly what kept me coming back to PC for a little bit. Just the fact that people were so interested in what I thought was a normal Pokemon and wanted to keep trading for it kept me here. x] So, after actually researching how exclusive event Pokemon were, I decided to start collecting them.

Throughout this past year, I've actually learned SO much more about Pokemon than I ever thought I would. My biggest accomplishment is the fact that I know how to RNG now! :D I started this on Gen V in June I believe, and I only have one RNG goal on Gen V left for myself which i'm slowly working on. In very late December, I taught myself how to RNG on Gen IV, which was quite a challenge. I had very shoddy internet on my computer at the time I was teaching myself so I ended up burning through quite a bit of data on my phone so I could learn how to do this! XD Within this past month, I got really interested in Gen III RNG. This past weekend, I finally managed to RNG something on Gen III after a lot of research and a really good friend of mine helping me out. :D

So, I guess i've typed for long enough on all of this.. If you actually felt the need to read all of this, I'm sorry for probably boring your face off! :)
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