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PROJECT finished [+PLATINUM update]

Posted April 28th, 2009 at 4:30 PM by Wish

Real Life Project


My Last name is censored. : )

Well, I finished my LONG project. It was an estimated 100+ pages. That's an estimated 2" thickness! It is a project required by the state of Georgia where I must complete a scrapbook of Georgia in order to graduate. Inside the book, you have many 1-5 page reports on various topics, including Trisha Yearwood, Martin Luther King Jr., James Oglethorpe, and more. It was really annoying after it dragged on for so long. I'm a real procrastinator seeing this project is due tomorrow. XD

Platinum News

In Platinum News, I have beaten Dahlia and Argenta and have received the various prints. I have challenged Darach and Palmer and lost to both. I cannot seem to do well in the factory at this point so I'm screwed. Palmer's Milotic used Ice Beam to KO my Dragonite and Roserade. Rapidash got drowned with Surf. It was a sad loss. On Darach, His Staraptor and Houndoom killed my team. Focus Sash + Reversal also killed my team. Staraptor's Return move wa just plain cheap.

For anyone wanting the Battle Video of Dahlia or Argenta, PM me. : D
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