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Pokemon Kanto Black Nuzlocke Stuff!

Posted March 12th, 2019 at 11:29 PM by PageEmp
Updated March 12th, 2019 at 11:58 PM by PageEmp

Well, time to get rolling! Kanto Black for starters is basically a rom hack where mons from gens 5-6 replace the actual mons, and virtually everyone became useful. Now here are my nuzrun team, deaths, and box for this run! I'm currently grinding for the 7th gym, and have a rotation of 10 mons.

Current team:[SPOILER][B]Leah the Emboar[/B]
My starter, I have no idea why I picked it but I'm glad I did. Has the highest attack stat on the team and is destroying everything that doesn't resist attacks.

[B]Dean the Watchog[/B]
And no, I have no idea why I'm still using a Watchog after the 6th gym either, especially when I have 10 team members. And I have even less of an idea why he is the MVP of this run so far. Return virtually destroys anything that doesn't resist it, still does massive damage against anything that does, and Hypnosis also helps out.

[B]Talia the Talonflame[/B]
Got this from the mystery egg and decided to try it out. Struggled a bit earlier on but now she has become very useful with Acrobatics which is nearly as monstrous as Return from above. I'm glad I added her to the gang.

[B]Celeste the Florges[/B]
Added her because it was shown she had good IVs and was glad I did so. Hasn't really done anything important bus was very valuable in any situation I sent her in.

[B]Fatass the Swoobat[/B]
Surprising teammate no.2. I didn't expect much, but then it was shown that he was modest and had Simple as an ability so I tried him out. Has been really good ever since I caught him.

[B]Finley the Carracosta[/B]
Mostly around since I've never used his species before and I needed both a Water and Rock mon. As of now he is mostly around to Toxic foes, but hits hard with Aqua tail and Rock slide so he's not bad.

[B]Jen&Berry's the Vanilluxe[/B]
Bought from the game corner and I'm glad about that. Strongest special attacker and destroys anthing weak to Ice. Wished the defenses were better but still great.

[B]Dan the Krookodile[/B]
Mostly added just to counter anything weak to Ground or Dark. Even though he is Timid natured I didn't mind because at least it boosts his 2nd most needed stat, and it's proven to be more good than bad because he still has high attack and as expected is speedy.

[B]Insette the Accelgor[/B]
Wasn't going to bother with her until I saw she was modest natured and also since I really wanted to try out an Accelgor, she came to the team. So far, everything is going fine. Bug buzz destroys stuff, and yeah.

[B]Felix the Elektross[/B]
I really needed a true Water counter (though some teammates did carry Grass moves from time to time) and no weaknesses sounded fun, so he's on the gang. Yet to do anything special but he seems like he will be good in the long run.[/SPOILER]

Deaths:[SPOILER]None! Yep, 6 gyms, no deaths though many close calls with the team. Such as when my Carracosta missed Rock slide twice, made the opponent set up 2 calm minds and hit him with Psychic which would have killed him if it were't for Sturdy. Praise to be Sturdy for saving his life, possibly another mon's life, and me from getting an unexpected death. So overall, a bunch of close calls but no deaths.[/SPOILER]

Box (not all are listed but mostly what I remember):[SPOILER]PETAAALLZZ!!!! the Pansage
Oven the Pansear
Frosty the Panpour (yep, got them all as first encounters on different rouytes.)
Chopey the Sewaddle
Philip-Jak the Drilbur (was adamant, had to come up with a personal plot build up to why I can't use it)
Harry the Venipede
Puffpaff the Cottonee
Spooky the Frillish
Hermit the Dwebble
Cooloff the Darumaka
Catkel the Scatterbug
MAGIX! the Fennekin
Putter the Timburr
Staller the Joltic
Rand the Scraggy
Julius the Gothita
Windsor the Musharna
Jensen the Petilil
NotAsFun the Foongus
Gerry the Karrablast
Davey the Golett
Holloy the Swanna
Nick the Swadloon
Cody Jr. the Sawk
Dumbass the Larvesta
Damon the Sawsbuck
Steph the Rufflet
Johnson the Pawniard
Andre the Alomomola
Markus the Boldore[/SPOILER]

Special thanks to ex team members...[SPOILER][B]Moley the Zebstriker[/B]
Helped me out greatly during the first part of the game, and was the MVP for the first gym. Boxed as she was starting to lag a bit.

[B]Karl the Liepard[/B]
Surprising teammate no.3. Helped me get free cash with Pay day, destroyed with his actual move set. Decided to stop using him as I started to get more team members.

[B]Terry the Ducklett[/B]
Thank you for being my Surf and Fly slave. Hopefully you are resting well once I complete the 7th gym and anywhere I need to cross water.[/SPOILER]

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