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Black Nuzlocke information!

Posted March 25th, 2019 at 12:01 AM by PageEmp

And first of all, no, this is not a new run at all, in fact, this is a very very old run from 5 years ago. It’s overall my 3rd run altogether. Other than the infinity graveyard post I did a while back, I haven’t really talked about this run too much, or not, at all, so let’s go!

Final team:[SPOILER][B]Timmy the Conkeldurr[/B]
The longest lasting team member. I guess he was quite good, Fighting attacks destroyed anything that didn’t resisit it and was overall a reliable team member.

[B]Alice the Leavanny[/B]
Whelp, here we go! The mon that literally inverted my thoughts on Grass types. It actually was one of my least favourite types solely because I judged it for having 5 weaknesses, until I actually tried using one. She turned out to be fast and powerful enough so weaknesses didn’t matter, and learnt tons of useful moves. Evn as a Swadloon she took out the Bug leader’s Leavanny (I needed extra friendship from participating in a gym battle, but we still succeeded!). Overall, was badass and thanks to her I know that Grass isn’t as bad of a type as it looks at all.

[B]Ashley the Chandelure[/B]
The MVP of the entire run. Yep, not just the best teammate here, but one of the best mons I have trained in a nuzrun. Caught her as soon as my Darumaka died (yep, my worst teammate got exchanged for my best one) and ince she caught up to the team, she was a destroyer. For a Fire type, she was surprising tanky. She was at the lowest risk of death as basically anything used on her barely scratched her. She was probably even why I managed to get past the E4 with not more than 2 deaths. Thanks to her, Chandelure is possibly one of or if not my favourite gen5 mon, and I am glad she proved to be one of the best mons I’ve raises in nuzruns.

[B]Elen the Haxorus[/B]
Was mostly used to finish off anything that seemed like it would be very hard, but was great nevertheless. Helped me out especially against the Dragon gym and both of the champions. (Considering the fact BW1 has 2 final bosses..)[/SPOILER]

Deaths:[SPOILER]Harold the Panpour Lvl 10-13
Died against a Woobat‘s critical Gust.

Bevah the Patrat Lvl 5-8
Died to the same Woobat.

Lizzi the Purrloin Lvl 4-16
Died to a wild Pidove’s critical Quick attack. I don’t know how did a Purrloin end up being one of my more useful teammates, but she was, somehow, so this was possibly the saddest death here.

Rita the Darumaka Lvl 17-30
Killed by a Zebstrika on the route before the graveyard. This was the least sad death ever, honestly. I had so much hype when I caught her, only to be disappointed. That ability wasn’t the only provlem, she took longer to level up than everyone else too. I decided to start training her again (as when I looked up I realised that she would lose the abilty upon evolving.) only for her to die.

Polly the Stoutland Lvl 3-44
Died to a Basculin on that island near the starting town. Ugh.

Red the Basculin Lvl 25-49
Killed by an Amoonguss' Giga Drain in a double battle.

Apples the Archeops Lvl 25-52
Died to the Fighting E4’s Mienshao‘s Rock slide.[/SPOILER]
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