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The infinity graveyard.

Posted October 31st, 2016 at 2:43 AM by PageEmp

So, basically, this will be the first of my many Nuzlocke blog posts that would come to be posted. So here it is, a full graveyard for literally all the runs I did, and explanations on how the mons died.

[B]1. Diamond
[B]Jane the Shinx Lvl 3-5[/B] My first ever death in a Nuzlocke. I needed to sacrifice her to kill a certain infamous Purugly.

[B]Ronald the Geodude Lvl 6-6[/B] Purugly kept landing crits on my team apparently, so I needed to do something about that.

[B]David the Chingling Lvl 13-13[/B] Another sacrifice death, but this time against a certain Skuntank.

[B]Joe the Machop Lvl 7-22[/B] Died to a Geodude's Self-destruct. The first non-sacrifice death for this run

[B]Shell the Chansey Lvl 1-39[/B] Got crit-killed by a Golbat's Air cutter on the way to the 7th gym.

[B]Sarai the Weavile Lvl 35-54[/B] Got buried by the Ground E4's Whiscash via Rock slide

[B]Penny the Staraptor Lvl 3-59[/B] Ugh, this death made me so angry. This was my first catch, and as someone who had small experience with the line back in the day, I thoroughly enjoyed having her around. She killed mons who were supposed to dominate her, and was my complete go-to. However, champion's Milotic decided to be a total douche and take her away. Why? Thank you Milotic, you are now my second least favourite mon, my least favourite water type, and I was considering you to be my real least fav if it weren't for a certain purple rat. I will never forgive you, never use you and never, ever EVER like you. You should become extinct, you goddamn pile of frick.

Total count: 7.
2. Black
[B]Harold the Panpour Lvl 10-13[/B] Crumbled to pieces by a Woobat's crit Gust.

[B]Bevah the Patrat Lvl 5-6[/B] Can't remember exactly, most likely the same Woobat.

[B]Lizzi the Purrloin Lvl 4-16[/B] This death got me pissed off. She was a complete sis, yet a psyducking Pidove had to be some asswagon. Quick attack is actually my least favourite damaging move.

[B]Rita the Darumaka Lvl 17-30[/B] The opposite of the above death, I wasn't sad at all. Her attacks kept missing because of hustle, and she took longer to level up compared to my other team. Her only shining moment was killing the bug leader's Whirlipede, but there was nothing special about that. I lost her against a wild Zebstrika.

[B]Polly the Stoutland Lvl 3-44[/B] I HATE Basculin WITH A PASSION NOW Died against that stupid piranha's crit. Psyduck that hideous jerk.

[B]Red the Basculin Lvl 25-49[/B] Killed by an Amoonguss' Giga Drain. Take note this was in a double battle.

[B]Apples the Archeops Lvl 25-52[/B] Ugh, this death hit me HARD. Defeatist didn't kick in, how could the E4 Mienshao outspeed him?

Total count: 7
No. of sad deaths: 3/7
No. of not-sad deaths: 1/7
[B]3. HeartGold 1
[B]Kent the Togepi Lvl 1-1[/B] Rival's Bayleef couldn't die, so I had to sacrifice somebody.

[B]Chii the Raticate Lvl 3-20[/B] Got her ass whopped by a Miltank. Hyper fang missed [B]3[/B] times in a row.

[B]A.L. the Feraligatr Lvl 5-45[/B] "Hurr I'm sure he can outspeed dat Jolteon rite???" I have no words...

Total count:3
My lowest body count in any run in general, though I didn't do postgame.
4. Black 2 1
[B]Three the Sunkern Lvl 3-6[/B] Died against a bide from Patrat.

[B]Benji the Pignite Lvl 5-29[/B] My ex earliest starter death. I was very enraged in a way that I wanted to cheat and bring him alive. I was looking forward to stomping lategame with an Emboar, but a stupid damn Tranquill stopped me from doing so. What does this tell about me? I think the Tranquill line can die in a fire! I still think the gen5 starters are mediocre, but this remained as my saddest starter loss.

[B]Boomer the Heracross Lvl 21-40[/B] I was very angered by this, and again, I wanted to cheat. I have always wanted to try a Heracross, but a psyducking cave said "nope!" Basically, In that cave where you fight alongside some other character (I forgot who? Haven't touched Black2 in more than a year) and we were battling a Boldore and a Golbat. I summoned Heracross and other trainer used Musharna. Of course, I had Heracross deal with the Boldore who hung on by sturdy. Now, at this point, you'd think Musharna would destroy the Golbat rite?

Nope. It targeted the freaking [B]Boldore [/B]who hung on by sturdy. I don't want to explain what happened next.

[B]Mikene the Crobat Lvl 16-44[/B] Not the saddest death, but this was the time I really wanted to quit this run. Work up can go die. I don't 100% despise Gurdurrs because I like Conkeldurr, but I'm still mad at those clown nosed builders.

Total count: 4
No. of sad deaths: 3/4
This run is incomplete, I stopped at the 8th gym. I swear if I continued this, it would be a bloodbath.
[B]5. Black 2 2
[B]Sasser the Patrat Lvl 3-12[/B] Poison in battle... That is all.
Zeke the Pidove Lvl 10-10 [/B]I can't remember tbh. I think it was Bide from...something.

[B]Lioness the Trubbish Lvl 14-22[/B] She... Failed to live up to her name. Pure poison is a generally bad typing to have in a run, and while Li was used to kill the leader, it was not his ace, and the Bug leader in BW2 is balls-easy anyway, at least compared to the prequels. She died to a work up boosted Tackle from a Herdier of all muk.

[B]Yamask Lvl 14-14[/B] I actually forgot his name and how he died. But I didn't care, he sucked and was terrible to use. Least saddest death ever.
Shockie the Joltik Lvl 26-31 [/B]Forgot how he died, and I....forgot how he died.
Irene the Roserade Lvl 17-48[/B] Died while trying to catch a Heracross. Crit brick break ;-;.

[B]Zick the Samurott Lvl 5-49[/B] Fell to a Lilligant. It used Teeter dance and he couldn't stop punching himself in the face. I have no idea why I sent him out in the first place, but he still had yet to shine ;-;.
Tess the Golduck Lvl 45-50[/B] Was kicked to death by a trainer's Scrafty. Honestly I wasn't very attached to this death, she proved to be a relatively 'meh' replacement for something like [I]my starter[/I]. Second to my Yamask for least sad death for this run. I used another Golduck in TRBG, and I must say, that Golduck easily outclassed [I]everything[/I] about this one.

[B]Cindy the Magmortar Lvl 10-57[/B] I... Have no words. Saddest death for this run, and I now hate those bunch of gears. Here's the story. I had my sis of a Excadrill out first and...yeah. Klinklang has an air balloon apparently. So then I switch to Magmortar and it uses some stat boosting move I forgot. And then after that, it uses...GIGA IMPACT. It critted, and I lost my longest lasting team member. Did I mention she only JUST evolved? If I could burn Kinklang alive, I would.

Total count: 9
Easily my bloodiest run up to date.
6. SoulSilver 1
[B]Johnson the Hoothoot Lvl 6-6[/B] My staraight up fastest loss. He got killed by a Pidgey.

[B]Flamous the Quilava Lvl 5-???[/B] I was not at all sad when he died. I wasn't even bothered to note down the level he died. He had to have to worst possible nature, JOLLY, and that caused him to get killed against the leader's Metapod. A [B]Metapod[/B]. Provided that the Scyther weakened him, but blame his nature.

[B]Jacob the Golem Lvl 3-37[/B] You can tell I am horrible at keeping this line alive. Died against a Sludge Bomb spamming Weezing.

Total count: 3
This run is incomplete, I also stopped at the 8th gym as the run was starting to get boring.
[B]7. TRBG (spoilers)[/B]
[B]Riza the Bibarel Lvl 3-18[/B] I honestly expected a death after the 2nd badge. She was up against a Pachirisu and a Wurmple. I had her use Rollout on the bug, of course. But I soon realised that if a mon uses that move, it's locked, so I can't heal or anything, so the squirrel sparked my beaver to her demise. I admit this loss hit me.

[B]Jessa the Machop Lvl 7-24[/B] Got blown up on by a lame Geodude by that laughing hiker at route 206. This is the 2nd time I lost a Machop to an explosion, but I still wasn't prepared at all. I don't think the DPPt region likes Machops.

[B]Tony the Ponyta Lvl 14-38[/B] I was at roue 221, grinding for the 6th gym. I came across an AT with a Staraptor. I had my Golduck in front. The eagle went first, and his take down put her health to RED ZONE. My other flying counter was already overlevelled, so no point putting her in. I soon brought my horse in, and the Staraptor still used Take down, but this time it CRIT, so he was down. Definitely the saddest death in this run, and I was pissed. Not only ended the trend of my losses being female, but also ended the trend of the death's name ending with A.

Hasn't happened yet:
[B]I was part of the original 6.
I helped to destroy tons of tough bosses.
And not to mention suffer at least one nasty close call in this run.
But eventually, by the Fire E4, I had to go.
Can you guess who I was before the actual update come along?

Final count: 4.
8. SoulSilver 2
[B]Burt the Beedrill Lvl 4-18 [/B]I wasn't intending to use him, but seeing that if that was so then I would be only be using 3 mons at this point, and seeing he had a decent nature, I figured I'd give him a shot. He wasn't my best Beedrill, but he was good at least...until he fell to a Kadabra's crit Confusion.

[B]Floro the Weepinbell Lvl 3-22 [/B]Died against Miltank. I was upset by the death, but thankfully I recovered quickly. But there goes my chances at getting Leaf blade ;-;.

[B]Jal the Aipom Lvl 7-28 [/B]Got blown up on by a Geodude. Broke the trend of my explosion deaths being from Machops and continued the trend of my explosion deaths' names starting with J.
J.C. the Alakazam Lvl 10-30 [/B]Easily the saddest death for this run. "Oh noes a dark typed Murkrow gotta switch". Surprise Pursuit happened.

Final count:4

And now for the runs that have yet to be completed.
9. HeartGold 2
[B]Larry the Sandshrew Lvl 6-13[/B] Died against a crit from Growlithe

Current count: 1
Currently on: 6 badges
[B]10. X (Might document soon)
[B]Biter the Bunnelby Lvl 3-19 [/B]fell to an Espurr's crit Confusion
Jen the Drifloon Lvl 12-12 [/B]"Ha, a skyfight? I have no flying mons!". Correction: I did, and I paid the price for it.

[B]Samsen the wondertraded Meowstic Lvl 11-25 [/B]This one was easily the saddest death for this run. Despite needing to get boxed a lot so he wouldn't get OP, he still managed to prove his worth until a psyducking Staravia took him away from me. I want to punch that stupid thing in the face.

Current count: 3
Currently on: 8 badges
11. Plat 2
[B]Rina the Bibarel Lvl 3-21 [/B]Indefinitely an improvement from Riza, possibly to the pint I might consider her to be one of my better teammates. But a Kadabra had other plans.

[B]Jake the Luxio Lvl 3-28 [/B]I'm just gonna say PSYDUCK the Ghost gym and leave it there.

[B]Sterve the Noctowl Lvl 10-32 [/B]The Gyarados at the fog route...just the Gyarados at the fog route man. I'm done.

[B]Keiveyt the Clefable Lvl 15-32 [/B]Same as the above.

Current count: 4
Currently on: 6 badges
12. JBGD
[B]Felicity the Sandshrew, Lvl 2-9[/B] When I got Sandshrew as my first catch, I was honestly dissapointed, I ALREADY had one as a first catch, but in an egglocke. But the point of of nuzzing was to use what you have, so I didn't complain much. Soon, I got to that [I]one [/I]trainer with a Butterfree. It was either it would kill one of my teammates or I had to sacrifice someone, which... was what I did. Felly, I'm sorry, and to avenge your loss, I will make sure my egglocke Sandslash becomes a complete badass.

[B]Craig the Ekans, Lvl 5-21[/B] WHHHHYYYYY he was just ONE level away from evolving!! Okay, yeah. Anyway, This guy was named after a Croagunk I had in a deleted save file hack run i did. and trust me, this guy outclassed the other Craig. Poison sting and Wrap did more than I thought, and as soon as he got Bite, he started to murder. And alas, he fell to a crit Water gun from a trainer's Chinchou at the beach bridge. Son of a beach.

[B]Fredrick the Riolu, Lvl 5-24[/B] My GOD... well this one has a story to it. "I cant c your starter... did he dy?" Yes, this was my starter for this run. It's either the Gen4 starters, Shinx, and Riolu. Trust me, I'm not all that fond of Lucario, but I've already tried the gen4 starters in other runs, and remember when I talked about having an egglocke? Well, Shinx was my [U]starter[/U] in that egglocke. The main reason why I was 'meh' towards Lucario was because of his hype, and not because I find it weak. But I eventually [I]had[/I] to pick Riolu, because I want to try something new.

In the beginning, he wasn't so bad. He was actually kind of good. In fact, I thought end of the day, I'd actually end up liking the Lucario family once the run was over. However, probably like halfway after the first gym, or at least, a while after Craig died, I honestly started to feel Fred to be starting to lag. I decided to try evolving him, running around and so on but to no avail. Eventually I was like 'screw that, let's see how I can fare with just Riolu.'.

So I went into the lighthouse challenge, and went on to the Nido family trainer. I sent Fredrick out against the Nidoking. He was doing fine with Leaf balde and then...
'Foe Nidoking used Peck!'
'A critical hit!'
'It's super effective!'
'Fredrick fainted!'
Whelp, there goes my life. Looks like I will go on without the leader, and now I am back to being 'eh' towards the Lucario line once again. 3 paragraphs... this must be the longest essay I've written about a single Pokemon.

[B]Liara the Wingull Lvl 16-17 [/B] A Hitmonlee's Hi jump kick. That's all.

[B]Nameless Flareon Lvl 20-20 [/B]He came as a gift that I can't name. As he was proving his worth, a wild Pikachu's crit Slam happened.

Current count: 5
Currently on: ???
13. TRBG sequel (It's a hack, but won't be telling anything more cause spoilers)
[B]Lina the Zigzagoon Lvl 3-7 [/B]Died during grinding. Can't remember to what, maybe a Grimer.
Ronald the Poliwag Lvl 4-10 [/B]Died to a Linoone. Thought I'd have it easy with my Baltoy, and then it pulled out SURF. Thankfully Baltoy lived but had to sacrifice Poliwag to win.
Estelle the Horsea Lvl 10-26 [/B]Fell to a Delcatty. Double slap hit more than it should. I really wanted to use a Kingdra ;-;.

[B]Karter the Ampharos Lvl 17-47[/B] Easily hands down, my 2nd saddest death. I REALLY wanted to cheat. He fell to a Gengar's Destiny bond. He was already confused, he could've just punched himself in the face, but nope, things happened. Karter was easily my favourite team member out of everyone, I had a really interesting character planned for him once I come around to documenting this run, he was literally my only counter for Water types, and not to mention Ampharos is bar none one of my favourite Electric types. And the death was totally my fault, I could have switched to Slowbro when I saw him get confused. Now I'm sure sooner or later we might have a death against a Water mon. Speaking of my Slowbro...

[B]Grovais the Slowpro Lvl 20-48 [/B]I actually wasn't looking forward to raising him. He was easily a massive pain in the ass to grind when I first got him, but in the end, it was worth it. He was the reason why the rival's Primeape didn't kill anyone, and that alone was my reason to take him far. But eventually shortly after Karter's passing we came across a Houndoom. I ignored Grovais' Psychic part typing and battled, but then after getting a crit from both Flamethrower and Bite, my surfer's life ended.

Total count: 5
Currently at: 4 badges

That's 59 deaths in total....nearly 60 over 13 runs...

And yeah, I have 13 runs. Does that mean I will have more bad luck in my nuzruns?
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    Lol looking back at this. And yeah, "Milotic, you are now my second least favourite mon, my least favourite water type, and I was considering you to be my real least fav if it weren't for a certain purple rat. I will never forgive you, never use you and never, ever EVER like you. You should become extinct, you goddamn pile of frick.". Which is now inaccurate because I don't think Milotic is bad anymore. Though if it didn't kill my Claydol in another run I did I would have liked it by now, but it's not bad. also remembered how Shockie the Joltik died, I though he could OHKO a Darumaka. And considering the fact I have just so many nuzruns, most of them still ongoing, I'd probably never complete this.
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