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Watched Yu-Gi-Oh GX the other day.

Posted January 9th, 2010 at 10:02 PM by Sammi

(I hope to be back to regular activity this week, but we'll see if my wireless card comes in and actually works. I don't like UPS. >_>;

Also, thar be spoilers. ...up to episode, like, 15 or so if I can even remember, but it's the thought that counts.)

A few days back my sister decides, in a bit of nostalgia, to go watch Yu-Gi-Oh GX. She was a biiiig fan of the Duel Monsters anime and wanted to see where the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise went off after that. She calls me up because it's that awful. I, having trainwreck syndrome, then ask to go watch it with her on Friday. Which, incidentally, made me miss my UPS package which had said wireless card. But whatever.

The first episode? Left me going "wait, why is there a dueling academy and why has this teacher Crowley whats-his-face not been fired??" I still cannot get why there's a duel academy for this game. Just can't. And, even worse, why there's duel prep school.

The show just gets weirder after that. o__O But there are a few things that bugged me.
  1. Overall, the dub quality is what I'd expect from 4kids. The voices are all the same ones they always use, with a few awful southern accents here and there. BUT! When 4kids edits content, they edit. Badly. One episode, the girls from the Obelisk Blue dorms are in what I think was a hot spring, and their swimsuits were soooooo badly painted on. It was completely flat, it was amazing. You think they would've put more effort into it.
    And don't get me started about the hot sauce episode. Because I learned something new that day: I can drink hot sauce straight out of cups just like if it were alcohol any refreshing beverage. And it can make you dizzy. (Honestly, I think it would've worked out better if they'd changed it to something that was a standard drink... it's the fact that they chose hot sauce, out of all things.) And, like the swimsuit edit, the bottles they changed, they were very out of place, too.
  2. Jaden uses like the same 10 cards in his deck. Basically you see everything he overruses by the end of the second episode. Every once in a blue moon you might see a different fusion or a different magic card, but basically, same monsters, same strategies. Every. Single. Episode. Strange thing is, I don't really remember it being this bad for Yugi's deck in the Duel Monsters anime. Sure, he had his staples, but... It has been awhile, though. Last time I actively watched it was... what, four, five years ago? I've seen a few episodes here and there from my sister's bad Hong Kong sub DVDs, but oddly enough, there wasn't a lot of duels from Yugi.
  3. Every episode, I keep telling myself, "why hasn't Crowley whats-his-face been fired yet??" There are very few things I won't suspend my disbelief for -- typically my view on a video game or anime is "well, it's a video game/anime of course it's not realistic" -- but I cannot believe that Crowley whats-his-face hasn't been fired yet. Just can't. Because he is obviously trying to get Jaden and co kicked out of school and keeps breaking the rules to do so.
  4. Speaking of which, I still can't believe that Jaden defeated Crowley whats-his-face's personal deck in his test duel and didn't get placed into a higher dorm from the start. Sure, I mean, it must've been Crowley's fault but at that point you think a lot of people would've noticed. o_O Yeah, I know, this is an anime that focuses a lot on the underdog, and it makes more sense if Jaden's in the crappy dorm in that sense, but still...
  5. Out of all the people to bring back from the original show to duel Jaden, they use the Paradox Brothers? REALLY?? My sister and I just busted out laughing when they showed up. They should've rhymed more.
  6. Also I am tired of the name Cy. (At least, that's how I assume it'd be spelled?)

Despite its shortcomings, though, I really couldn't stop watching it. I like Duel Monsters much better, sure -- but it's not that terrible to turn it off. We didn't have anything better to do, I suppose, and we were both curious to see where it'd go.

Will I watch more of it? Unless my sister wants to watch more, probably not. It's not something I'd seek out on my own. I'm curious, sure, but I'm not terribly invested in it.

If anything, watching it just made me want to watch the first season of Pokemon again. I want to watch what makes me nostalgic for my younger days, when I wrote bad Pokemon fanfic and got sick in anticipation for the next episode. ...No, really. Gotta love being a kid.

Sometimes I really miss the Pokemon anime. :(
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    Lucy Lu's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying the series so far. I watched a bit of it and I wasn't into it. I liked Yu-Gi-Oh better with Yugi and Joey.

    Sometimes I miss the Pokemon anime. I like the classic episodes(Kanto-Honen). That is how I found out about this place. Well with Angela telling me about it. For the most part I still read Ash and Misty fanfiction...for the most part.
    Posted January 9th, 2010 at 10:35 PM by Lucy Lu Lucy Lu is offline
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    Kura's Avatar
    Yeah even I couldn't watch GX and I COSPLAYED ask Jaden :/ Like.. but 5Ds is pretty good. I didn't watch the whole thing.. but it was pretty awesome from what I watched. Cool dystopian future.
    Posted January 9th, 2010 at 11:03 PM by Kura Kura is offline
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    Yggdra's Avatar
    GX is good in Japanese (b' ')b

    But yeah, dubs aren't too good.

    /thank god YGO Season 0 wasn't dubbed; I'd hate to see how much they'd screw up Miho-chan ;~;
    Posted January 10th, 2010 at 7:58 AM by Yggdra Yggdra is offline