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Posted January 1st, 2011 at 9:55 AM by Miss Doronjo

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
[a.k.a this one]

When I think about my four months here at PC, not a long time yes, but what a four months! It all started when I was hanging out in a forum called Marriland. I've been there for 5 years now. I was brash, naive, and kind of a weird person. I've met many people there, who were cool, so I was happy. One day though, I was bored, so I searched to explore different forums at a place called google. yes google. Bite me. Anyway, that's when I stumbled upon a weird and quite forum known as pokemoncommunity. As I entered, I was surprised because this website is VERY, VERY, VERY BIG. Now, I've had my thoughts:

"This is no forum...it's a SPACE-STATION!"

by then I decided, "why the hell not" and register. Now I was kind of obsessed (I'm still am) with Yatterman; ie. Tatsunoko, so that's how I made the username: "Miss Doronjo". Even though I was a boy named Shawn. That was then I started to make my intro:

"Cute but psycho. Things even out."


Boyachy! Prepare the intro thread! Tonzora! Where is my darn coffee--Oops!'

..Sorry, non-generic entry post, yadayada etcetera.
So...hai there. I was sort of a wonderer of things; until I came here and stuff liek that. :3

Anyways~ You can call me Doronjo. Or just "Dory"; I don't care; its a nickname. ^-^ If your wondering who "Doronjo" is, she's the part of the "Dorombo Gang" with is like the classic Team Rocket you can say. She is along with her subordinates: Tonzora and Boyachy; trying to get the Dorombo Ring to get whatever wish they want; etc.

I'm a kid who's 17 years old and likes to skips homework to find that oh so sword I need in Fire Emblem or to reach Level 200 in Tales of Vesperia, or to find out if Yoshi is a boy or girl. Take your pick--

'Hey! This coffee is cold! Make it again! '

*ahem ahem*
...So as you can see...I do act a bit random sometimes; but only cause I do have a addiction on wanting to put smilies on peoples faces if they had like a hard and rough day and such. :3

My favorite pokemon you may ask? (Or not)

Well there's the gorgeous Milotic. <3 With its swivel hairs and its sleek yellow body...*drools while stare into space in awe*
Though in reality kinda dumb but you just don't care because it is sooo beautiful~

I'm also a GIMP Signature Designer.
I've been working with GIMP for...2-3 years? I do like making them and making signature requests for lots of people. :3

Here's a quick example of something I made:

"Tonzora!! Where's the signature?!"
"But Doronjo_Sama; I thought it was trash...I mean it was just a couple of smudges--"
"Idiot! Those smudges WERE the signature!"
"F-forgive me!"

Okay, so I can't show you an example yet. Blah. Moving on...
So I hope to make acquaintances with all of you and make new friends!
So I'm not gonna bore you anymore with this intro; I'm just gonna end with this...

Hope to see you around. =)

p.s: I'm male. Just so you know. <3
Yeah. The username is confusing, I know. D:

Yes, that was my intro. I was a lame-brain back then, I know. Anyway, that's when I met a few people who first welcomed me: Timbjerr, Cold Fusion, Ayselipera, and Zenith95s. They were good people indeed, so I talked with them a bit, and they became my first friends. Now, I was still unfamiliar with the forum, so I went around them. Perhaps it was the fact that I was sort off new and at the same time odd that I couldn't get people to talk with me; they just plain outright ignored me, or maybe not all that long. So, I was kind of lonely. A few days later, I searched around and found the NightClub, so I decided to visit with my "heys" and all that jazz. Now at first I was thinking:

"The Nightclub...you'll never find a more wretch hive of scum and villainy. I must be cautious."

That's when I started to speak with Anna (TheSmartOne), Keith (Akita), Dev, (Sammyskitty), angel, and Roswell (at least that's where I THINK I met you), and they became my closest friends. I think around that time, I met Fire Heart, my pair. She's lovely. <3 Also around that time, I met lots of wonderful people, like Hiidoran, Hiiro, BinaryPeaches, Curious, etc; (apologizes if I missed you; I love you. <3) and thus, grew out of my shell a bit. But then I began to wonder: what can I do to help this community? I thought and I thought, but found no answer. This place seemed too knowledgeable. That's when something clicked at my head:

"Shawn...use the force."

I tried to, but the force doesn't exist in real life, that's when I decided, "Hey, maybe I could meet other newbies such as myself!" So, that's how I started to welcome fellow newbies at the NU/W forum. One month later, that's when people decided:

"The force is strong with this one!"

And I got my first emblem; which was the Helping Hand Emblem, and I was kind of infamous for my "welcoming". I don't know. At December, Anna gave me a supporter card for Christmas! I am so pleased and grateful to this day to have a friend like her. <33 So yeah, my name became the italicized blue. ^.^ And here we are towards this day. Today, I was voted one of the "best new member for 2010" but, I was laughing cause I didn't know why, XD.

...In the end, I exploded.

Okay, I was rushing through this, so eh. If you actually read though all this dribble, good for you! You deserve a cookie!

...But I eatted it!
(Don't tell Rukario it was one of his though. ^_~)

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  1. Old Comment
    Melody's Avatar

    Anna-chan always did have a good eye. :3
    You're a pretty good person as far as I can tell now. Now let us retreat to the hide-out *coughnightcoughclubcough* and plot our plans for forum-wide worldwide domination *laughs evilly*
    Posted January 1st, 2011 at 1:08 PM by Melody Melody is offline
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    Kura's Avatar
    You know it's only been 4 months but I've had fun the few times I've spoken to you. You're a cool guy.
    Posted January 1st, 2011 at 3:07 PM by Kura Kura is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Hiidoran's Avatar
    ...and you completely deserved the Helping-Hand Emblem. Your welcomes are so nice and stuff. o3o I have a hard time even competing! D:

    Aww... but you're a great member! Hope you decide to stick around for a loooong time.
    Posted January 1st, 2011 at 9:07 PM by Hiidoran Hiidoran is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Miss Doronjo's Avatar
    @ Pachy: Indeed she does. :3
    Ahh, indeed~! *laughs evilly*

    @Kura: Thanks; we didn't really talk all THAT much though. =O But, I enjoy talking with you myself.

    @Larry: Oh right, you were the one who gave it to me, haha, but thanks. <3 I'm taking a downtime with all the welcoming currently, due to laziness. With cupcakes. <33
    Posted January 2nd, 2011 at 6:25 AM by Miss Doronjo Miss Doronjo is offline

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