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Posted June 29th, 2011 at 1:07 AM by Kip

So I'm going through all my old VHS videos and transferring them to DVD, when I come across a copy of Mewtwo Returns (which just in case you don't know was the anime sequel to the first movie) - and since it'd been so long since I watched it I sat down yesterday and watched all the way through.

One thing I'd forgotten was the more significant role the Pikachu's clone played in this episode (for those of you who haven't seen the first film you have probably seen an animated gif of one Pikachu slapping another - if so, that's him). He's such a badass ^^ and I'd forgotten how much I like him. I went on Bulba to read up on him and all I find is a couple of throwaway sentences and a frankly poor profile shot. I thought this guy deserved more than that, so I got some shots from the newly digitised video and wrote up an article.


I was thinking like a paragraph and a profile shot, but I got a little carried away. ^^' Still, nice way to spend an evening. :P
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    I love Pikachu's clone! I want to see that movie again because it was so epic!

    Ash jumping into a spring to save Mewtwo = Priceless
    Posted June 29th, 2011 at 9:51 AM by Xyrin Xyrin is offline