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something else to look forward to. >.>

Posted October 27th, 2008 at 3:00 PM by Motsuko Live

Snow... we're suppose to be getting 15 cm of it tomorrow night. Usually I'm prepared for it by this time, but I guess it just caught me off guard this year. I mean, yeah, it's cold, but not cold enough to snow.

Well, apparently it is. :<

Downloaded Platinum onto my CycloDS thingy (which has already payed for itself, by the way). Can't wait to start the Japanese adventure on something else than the computer. Every time I start playing a new ROM on my PC, I end up getting distracted by... distractions. :(

Our civics teacher totally spazzed on us today. She's always so calm and collected... I can't even begin to imagine what could have set her off. Y'know, besides the fact that I got up and drew a rather large diagram of the male anotomy on the SmartBoard as soon as she left to escourt another student to the office. Don't worry though, she's a horrible teacher. And as far as the 'drawing' goes... it's not immature. Quite the opposite actually, but you'd have to take a trip to my school to figure that out. It's an RDHS thang, baby.

Oh, and I was just told by older foster brother that he's taking me and my [I]younger[/I] foster brother to see Saw V. So, yeah... I'm pretty pumped. It's gonna be prime.
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