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Hiatus, Life and Stupid Stuff

Hey I'm Dedenne1 aka Dedenne, Hanbei, Electric Hampster Fairy, Nowi and many other nicknames. (just call me dedenne or hanbei) Im in Highschool still and I live in the US on the East Coast and although i hate the weather here its a great place to be. Ive loved pokemon since i was 7 when i first played Leafgreen and it was so fun! Since then ive bought every game and played them to the end.

I never was really a competitive battler or shiny hunter and mostly casually played. Ive only recently gotten into competitve battling but im slowly getting better and better mostly because we have an awesome battle server here. I began shiny hunting, breeding and chaining about the time XY came out and have slowly gotten better even to the point where i have enough to own a trade shop.

So as far as PC goes i joined in like 2013 for rom hacking as im sure many people have and then very slowly began to venture out into the outer forums... Since then i began to love sections like TWL, Pokemon Clubs, and PT, each section I find very interesting but Pokemon Clubs was the first section i really enjoyed and i still own my club from the beginning.

Besides PC and Pokemon in real life I enjoy swimming, reading, writing, movies, and some other videogames like Smash Bros and Fire Emblem. And ya thats me and basically what i will post in this blog will be probably some gibberish and more gibberish and maybe 1-2 interesting things.
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Hiatus, Life and Stupid Stuff

Posted February 12th, 2018 at 11:27 AM by Dedenne1

Hihi everyone! Quick summary if you're reading this and don't know me: I'm Dedenne1 aka Dedenne and I've been a member since 2013! I used to be super active here but not so much anymore. I'm currently 18, I'm in College, and I'm tired 94% of the time. I haven't posted on the blog for about a year and a half now and I haven't been active on PC for almost an entire year. I kinda wanted to explain this a little bit and kind of give some of the people that remember me or I am friends with a look into my life.

So, how to start off? Well let's go with the easy answers of why I originally chose to take a hiatus. I actually planned a hiatus from June to August of 2017 because of several reasons. One of which was the fact that I needed to focus on socializing more with the friends I see daily which meant taking time from those that I met online (mostly here <3). Another was because I was kinda trying to get back into Pokemon since I really hadn't had the passion for it that I usually do but that was kind of unsuccessful until December when I started playing Pokemon Reborn like heck. And thirdly was that I wanted to. Spring of 2017 was really stressful cause I was graduating, and I was planning my college courses and I was kind of reworking my friend group and though usually online was where I went to escape all the stress I ended up being a tad bit sad. This was mostly because a lot of my pairs and some of my long time online friends left PC and though I love the people that are still here there were a few that came to PC that had started drama. One of my friends was involved so I guess I was involved and for some reason I actually stressed about this when I wasn't even directly involved. Anyways it ended up with my friend leaving and the person starting the drama staying and though I acted like it was all fine and we were all buddy buddy it was the first time I was really uncomfortable with people online. Long story short, I decided to take a break and it was really nice and such. But this is when life got in the way and threw me a few curve-balls. (I don't like baseball idk what I said that)

I explained that my Hiatus was set to be from June to August but specifically it was from Early June (when I was graduating) to the end of August. Here in NY this time is warm and I'm off from school so it's a really great time to go to the Beach, Hang out and just Chill. I had a really great Summer and I had handled all the arrangements to start school at my dream school in the Fall so it was really just relaxing and stress-free. At my College we split Orientation into two segments. I attended the first one in Early August and the second one was in late August, specifically the day before we actually start classes. The only thing I really wasn't prepared for was the drive there. As a commuter I had to memorize the route there and back so I had practiced it with my dad a few times. However, since it was the day before classes began I really had to try it by myself. My mother wasn't exactly comfortable with this so we all agreed that my dad would drive his motorcycle and I would follow from behind. We went out at 9:30am and I followed him taking a right, then another right and then a left. That left was really what f****d me over. Cause you see, after we made that left, and I'm talking within a few hundred yards of making that left, I was in trouble. We were in the left lane of a street that had 5 total lanes (2 on the right, a middle turning lane, and two on the left) and my dad put on his turn signal to go into the rightmost lane. I did the same, but when he got into the right lane instead of driving in the middle of the lane on his motorcycle he swerved to the right most area of the lane. I didn't really see it coming. And if I did it was a split second. Just a moment of something white flashing near my dad's motorcycle before launching my entire car off the pavement, over the curb and onto the grass. I don't want to drag this out too long so I'll spare you some of the details. I screamed, I cried, I wasn't knocked out, the man had crossed 4 lanes and was high, I broke some ribs and a tailbone and brusied my liver. I'm okay now and that's all that really matters.

So yeah. It was kind of heart wrenching for me to get in that type of accident because I had always been so confident of my driving and even though it wasn't my fault it definitely made me less confident. What ended up happening afterwords was me signing myself out of the hospital against professional advice, me finding out my car had been totaled, and then me being told that I couldn't attend my dream college that semester because I couldn't drive myself and I couldn't walk the campus. I'm not going to go deep here since this whole time period from August to November was all really depressing and I didn't really know any positives. Now that I reflect back on it I'm just happy that I didn't die because by all means I should have. At least that's what the officers said. But, since I was so negative and not in a good mindset during this time I didn't really socialize with anyone. I cancelled all events with my friends, I stopped going on PC, I didn't go on discord and yeah that was a lot of self pity. Anyways lets move on to the now.

December was a really big month for me. It's when I could walk without a lot of pain, sleep easy, socialize with friends and I actually rose to handle all my responsibilities. I became a board member of the historical society in my town, I did good in my classes at the Community College I attended for Fall Semester, and I finally bought a new car. From then Christmas came and we exchanged gifts, I picked out my courses for Spring Semester and my dream college and everything has been fine. There were some hiccups in January with the Family Business and February has been problematic with my one cat getting really sick and money being scarce, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Back to the PC side of things with my large absence and most of my friends leaving I decided not to be active when I came back for a day or two in December since I was so busy with the things I mentioned. However, that's not to say I wont come back regularly in the future! In the meantime I am always on Discord and try to be active in PC's server on there. So if we haven't talked in awhile hit me up on there and I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day and a wonderful Spring. ^-^
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