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Weekly Music Mince 4 [Dish #19]

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Weekly Music Mince 4 [Dish #19]

Posted March 1st, 2015 at 8:31 AM by gimmepie

Weekly Music Mince

Okay... so technically it's Monday but that's besides the point. Another week has ended, and although it's a little late, I'm still going to do the Weekly Music Mince - because what you really need is another ten songs from me after my last post. :P

This past week my musical taste seems to have been leaning more towards rock music, although there are a few odd ones out. Enjoy!

Number One
Song: Your Time Will Come Again
Artist: sleepmakeswaves

Info: Sleepmakeswaves return to the Mince this week, this time their song of my choosing being Your Time Will Come Again. Despite sleepmakeswaves being primarily considered post rock, this song is slow, chilled and beautiful and although it does have something of a crescendo it's not an overly powerful one. This is quite probably my favourite instrumental piece to date.

Number Two
Song: Go to Hell
Artist: Go Radio

Info: This is Sonata's fault. I heard this as Sonata's submission to the Daily Bloggity Radio Jam and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. The vocals are extremely good, the music is good and the lyrics are very relatable and just as well written.

Number Three
Song: Diamonds
Artist: Any Given Day

Info: This is a cover of the Rihanna song Diamonds (that I believe was written by Sia). As some of you might know, I really love (good) rock and metal covers of pop songs - in fact I can even enjoy songs I used to hate in this format. This is one of those songs, I don't like Rihanna in the slightest but these guys take her song and somehow make it brutal and uplifting at the same time. \m/

Number Four
Song: Snuff
Artist: Slipknot

Info: This is my favourite Slipknot song. I was listening to some of the bands new material earlier in the week (and in the car Saturday as well actually) which prompted me to go back and listen to it again. I always think this song is a masterpiece both musically and emotionally.

Number Five
Song: I'd Love to Change the World
Artist: Ten Years After

Info: This song's genre is something I like to consider "hippy rock" although wikipedia tells me it is actually psychedelic rock or blues rock. The songs meaning is quite hard to get, but to me it always seemed like it had something to do with the problems with our culture. Anyway, it's a really good song with a cool and catchy beat.

Number Six
Song: Going Under
Artist: Evanescence

Info: I really like this band, in fact the lead singer very nearly made it onto my Top Ten Female Artists. This song starts off sounding a little dark but quickly builds to a stronger more positive feel. The song is about coming out of an abusive relationship, dealing with its effects and moving on with your life. I love the music in this song and it compliments the vocals, which I also enjoy, spectacularly.

Number Seven
Song: Drown
Artist: Bring Me the Horizon

Info: This song has copped a lot of criticism since it has a very different sound to the metalcore and death core BMTH is known for, however it is actually one of my favourite songs of theirs. I really like the band doing this genre since they bring some interesting elements to it, the vocals and music are both good as are the catchy lyrics.

Number Eight
Song: Here I Go Again
Artist: Whitesnake

Info: I don't know much of Whitesnake's work, but I'm going to have to listen to more of it. Like many others, I've known this song for years and I have loved it since I first heard it. The build up from it's slow start to its faster tempo throughout the majority of the song is brilliant as is the bands performance. This is a great example of classic rock from the 80s.

Number Nine
Song: Feeding Line
Artist: Boy and Bear

Info: Boy and Bear is another Australian artist for you, this time a folk group. I really love the instrumentation and vocals on this song. I'd like to tell you how great and meaningful the lyrics are as well - and I honestly believe they are - but I feel I probably shouldn't since I have no idea what the song is about.

Number Ten
Song: Arabella
Artist: Arctic Monkeys

Info: This is another song that I'd love to tell you a lot about, but I honestly am not that sure of its meaning - I could go and deconstruct the lyrics I suppose but I'm too busy enjoying the catchy instrumentation and excellent vocals. I'd have posted the music video but I don't think the naked breasts in the video really fit PCs rules.

So it is that the fourth Music Mince comes to an end. I hope you've enjoyed it, because I loved the excuse to listen to all these songs again. Feel free to share your thoughts on a few of the songs in the comments below.

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    #9 is unavailable :cc! FIX IT!
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    whitesnake yasss
    Posted March 1st, 2015 at 5:19 PM by Aquacorde Aquacorde is offline
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    Originally Posted by Kura View Comment
    #9 is unavailable :cc! FIX IT!
    Is this better?
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    Yarp thanks!
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    Originally Posted by Kura View Comment
    Yarp thanks!
    No worries, hope you enjoyed it.
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