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Alrite, here be Nuzruns.

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Alrite, here be Nuzruns.

Posted January 2nd, 2017 at 8:06 PM by PageEmperor
Updated March 24th, 2017 at 7:33 PM by PageEmperor

So Instead of putting all my nuzruns in my sig, I'll just make a blog and put them here. Read 'em if ya like, and comment to share if ya like them or if like you like the characters of that run, or just discuss what you think. so here we go...

Ongoing runs:

The Real best generation: A Plat Nostalgialocke
(last update 17/10/16)

So basically I pick up my first ever game after not touching it for supposedly a few years and try to do a Nuzrun of it and see if I could go through without deaths (Spoiler: that didn't work).

The rightful return: A Der Erif run
(last upd
ate 22/1/16)
After saving a bunch of trainers from region-wide crisis in Glazton, our hero moves on to a new, unfamiliar region to do some....things.

Colin Shawn Ann
The beginner's trials: A GSB Screenshot run!
(updated on 25/3)
The misadventures of a trainer, her team, and their struggle to survive.

Completed runs:

Joshua's Blazed Glazed Defrazed!

(Started on 19/12/15 ended on 31/12/16)

I was dreaming of Glazed, I woke up dazed, It felt like I was in a mazed, I was feeling blazed, so now watch me Semi-Blindlocke Glazed.

...What do you mean I host all my runs on a different website and stopped doing it on this site for a long time?
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