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Posted November 6th, 2009 at 1:31 PM by Angela

Anyway, my friend was talking about the other day how she saw this performance live, and how she met David the guy from little Britain there... Anyway I was very jealous of her when she went to the UK to see this last year, but I'm ok now...

While I remember, there was a picture of David on that concert on her old blog for some while... She closed it..

Anyway here is one of the songs I like from them... Was hughes fan when I was little... xD

Anyway, there are some parts I like better from the old version.. But I'm also really glad to see that Victoria can sing.. :þ I read on youtube that her mic was blasted during the chorus.. So she's the lead in the song.. :þ

It's also a shame what has happened to the voices of Emma, Mel C and B... One couldn't hear Geri one bit.....

I remember people always saying Victoria couldn't sing.. It took her 10 years to prove people wrong.. xD
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