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Shine Diamond episode 62--The Afterpost

Posted May 1st, 2019 at 6:23 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash and Paul square off again, but Diddy triggering Blaze almost has disastrous consequences!

Unlike in the real show, Dawn is practicing appeals, not battling. Brock also gets in some training for the Fantasy Stage, which is new for the story.

Ash brings up the unofficial Contest at the end of Houen--you'll see what that entailed when we get to Sapphire Sky.

The big change in this episode (besides tweaking Ash's team to reflect the starter shuffle and adding in Brock's training) is Ash using his Swanna Song to calm Diddy's berserk fury. It has been shown to do this previously (back in Moonlight Silver) so I felt it would make sense here.

Paul trashing Contests also reflects remixed Contests--since remixed coordinators do not battle, he figures Ash has failed at training and taken up coordinating, which he sees as lame. He also calls Brock "minstrel" to reflect Brock's remixed goal of the Fantasy Stage--but he does not know Brock is not too shabby a trainer himself.

I also sped up some of the main battle to tighten up the basic storyline a little.

Next time, the group arrives in Pastoria City, where a Fantasy Stage is being held in honor of the resident Croagunks!
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