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Pokemon Black Wedlocke Challenge Entry 3

Posted May 18th, 2014 at 11:28 AM by Berzerk!

Entry 3

Zerky's Comment!

I hope you enjoy the update I've made to the blog posts, I spent awhile trying to figure out how to get CSS to work on here without becoming a complete mess and hopefully over time, the blogs will be of a much higher quality. So thank you and enjoy the long updates, because oh boy I went through a lot of hell for this entry, and I mean the CSS felt EASY compared to what I've had to go through. The only problem is that this update is HUGE and I mean I played quite a lot so I'm going to have to do a lot of abridging and squeezing what happened down to a smaller amount of text.

Striaton City
Berzerk's adventure continues with the new task of hunting down a Munna and stealing it's life force energy for some crazy woman who went to College with Professor Juniper! To do so, Cut must be taught to Sir Xavier, so Xavier forgot how to tackle and learned how to Cut.

Berzerk enters the Dreamyard once more, cutting down the tree that blocks the only way into the place. Bianca yet again pulls a Batman and appears out of nowhere, obviously hearing it all from Fennel, Bianca asks if Berzerk was looking for the same, mysterious Pokmeon.

The two spot a Munna grazing in the grasslands, when suddenly, two people jumped out towards it and cornered it. It was Team Pladzmnah! One of the grunts thought that the way to get its mist was to use Mega Kick on it over and over again, the Munna crying out in pain with Bianca telling them to stop. Thus causing a battle to ensure!

The grunts were wiped out like last years newspaper, with the grunts scared that their leader Ghestis would hear of their failure, the two try to run off when it looks like he appeared out of nowhere... awesome! First Mega Kick and now Double Team! Nah all it seemed to be was a dream brought into reality by Musharna's dream, so said Fennel herself as she too appeared from off screen.

For all of Berzerk's efforts, Berzerk obtained the C-Gear. Hell yeah! A fancy watch! something cool for once, though Berzerk was given something else by some assistant, some woman who created the Pokemon Burial System (PC cough cough), A Pal Pad... wooo... With Berzerk's time in Striaton City over and done with, Berzerk heads off to Route 3!
Route 3
The hardest challenge is yet to come! Heading onto Route 3, two young girls block the path, stating that it is "too dangerous to go out with just one Pokemon." God what would they know about danger, Sir Xavier is a Royal Knight, he can do whatever the hell he wants! But alas they refuse to let Berzerk pass.

Standing around, Berzerk considers the options. At this point Berzerk can not catch any more Pokemon, and the Pokemon Berzerk does have spare are all dead... So it has come to it hasn't it...Berzerk returns to the city, crying about the choice that was being made just then. Going to the PC Berzerk withdraws... the deceased... Kristie... (Opting out on gross details, you can use your imaginations on this one.)

Walking back towards Route 3, people give Berzerk a weird look, as if they knew something weird was going on. Berzerk's eyes filled with tears and shame as Berzerk walks up to the girls. Berzerk shouts out, and shows the girls two Pokeballs, one Sir Xaviers, in a nice, shiny condition and Kristies... tattered and worn... The girls look at each other and agree to battle. Sighing in relief, Berzerk engages in battle with the twins!

The battle begins with the trainers sending out Purrloin's. Shaking, Berzerk sends out Sir Xavier, but the worst was yet to come. Berzerk throws the other Pokeball, thinking that it was not going to work because you know, Kristie is dead, out comes a beam of light, and a Zombie Kristie, appears out of the Pokeball. Screaming in fear Berzerk orders Sir Xavier to attack the undead Pokemon without hesistaton! The Leaf Tornado hits Kristie as Berzerk picks it up and puts it in the Pokeball... somehow. (Hey if you can catch RICE BALLS, you can store a CORPSE in it.) After the battle, Berzerk rushes back to the city and re-buries Kristie and runs off to Route 3 once more, obviously having a wash in the lake before going.

Returning to Route 3, Cheren turns up out of nowhere and challenges Berzerk to battle! Agreeing to the challenge Berzerk sends out Sir Xavier to fight against Cheren's Tepig, which all it does is use Defense Curl while Xavier get's a 1HKO with Cut.Purrloin is next, Sir Xavier uses Leaf Tornado and takes down Purrloin. Our Battle ends as two Plazmah grunts run down the path, with Bianca following! A little girls Pokemon were stolen! Onward to hero duty! But first, new encounter!

A Female Blitzle! Image a Knight and his trusty stead! Oh and dreams are shattered as it is KO'd... would have been a great Pokemon to use.

Reaching Wellspring Cave, Cheren and Berzerk enter the cave with the two grunts waiting inside. Team Pladmah then threatens to steal the duo's Pokemon and "liberate" them. A battle takes place and Berzerk sweeps them out easily, with another battle taking place with Berzerk and Cheren facing the grunts together, Sir Xavier doing most of the work. Plazmum tells us that trainers are making Pokemon suffer, with the end of the battle, TM46 - Thief is found.

Berzerk's first encounter was a male Woobat, Gender Clause means it can be skipped. The second encounter in the cave is a female Roggenrola. Dusk Ball go! Berzerk Nicknamed it Pebbles!

During training, Pebbles is critted by a trainers Woobat... on the first turn... Berzerk is considering just traveling with Sir Xavier and it be just that.
Narcene City
Berzerk enters Narcene City, With Cheren dragging us to the Pokemon Center, then gives us Chesto Berries Wow, seriously if Berzerk wanted to find the Pokemon Center, Berzerk would just look for the red roof! Berzerk heals then buries Pebbles in the PC.

Berzerk leaves to catch some Pokemon on the next route, then beats up a nurse. Xavier learns leech seed over leer! After the battle, the nurse offers up free heals!

For once Berzerk obtains a decent Pokemon that won't die! The Pokeball spam goes on with a female Timburr! Berzerk nicknames it Crusher Kim! Then seeking out another partner, Berzerk heads off to Pinwheel forest.

Re-entering Narcene City, heading to the gym to train, N appears once more, claiming he wants to see things no one else can, ideals of the Pokemon and truths of trainers, a future of Pokemon where they have become perfect, agreeing out of boredom, N challenges Berzerk to battle!

  1. Pidove vs Crusher Kim! Quick! Switch!
  2. Sir Xavier is sent in and takes Pidoves growl.
  3. Xavier uses cut, Pidove uses Leer.
  4. Xavier Cuts, Pidove uses gust! Super Effective damage is 8.
  5. N sends out Tynpole.
  6. Xavier uses Vine Whip! Tynpole uses Supersonic!
  7. Xavier is confused!
  8. Xavier is confused and hurts itself. Tynpole uses Bubblebeam, Not very effective
  9. Xavier is confused and hurts itself again...
  10. Tympole uses Bubblebeam again, not very effective.
  11. Xavier is still confused and hurts itself again!
  12. Berzerk uses super potion on Xavier.
  13. Still confused, Xavier finally attacks Tympole and kills it in one shot.
  14. N sends out Timburr!
  15. Timburr uses Bide, Xavier finally snaps out of his confusion and one hits Timburr with Leaf Tornado.

Berzerk wins!

Healing in Narcene City Center, and returning to the gym to level up Crusher Kim! After the tour of the Museum, Berzerk enters the gym and it... NO! IT'S A LIBRARY! LEARNING... NOOO! Training time!

Even after beating the trainers in the gym, Berzerk's confidence in beating the leader is low... more training? After grinding through the gym and healing, Berzerk is ready to face the next gym leader, Lenora!
  1. Herdier VS Crusher Kim!
  2. Intimidate lowers attack!
  3. Herdier uses take down, and is damaged with recoil!
  4. Crusher Kim's name was well earned! Low Kick
  5. Crit 1HKO HYPE!
  6. Grew to LV20!
  7. Watchog is next!
  8. WOO GO KIM! KIM dodges hypnosis and lands a low kick on Wachog.
  9. Watchog uses Retaliate! Kim returns with Low Kick and takes the victory! Lv 21!

Lenora Defeated! Badge HYPE! Basic Badge get! TM67 Retaliate Get!

Fast forwarding, Team Hamster steals some bones and goes off to Pinwheel Forest. Another gym leader from another city shows up and Lenora gets Berzerk and Burgh. Before leaving, Bianca was given something from Fennel to give to Berzerk, a Dowsing MCHN. (it's pronunced Mc-hn).

Our encounter is a Cottonee... Cottonee Caught! Name, Snowpuff... Urg no doubt Snowpuff will be useless. After going through many trainers and grunts, the last one that is beaten gives Berzerk the Dragon Skull.. Hell how the hell is Berzerk carrying this! and not to mention it fitting into the key items slot! haha.. they thought it was a legendary Pokemon... It's a freaking Dragonite Skull!

Berzerk leaves the forest and heads off to Skyarrow Bridge, heading off to Castelia City!
Castelia City
Berzerk goes to route 4, to see a construction site! Berzerk wonders if there's any Pokemon around! Wild female Darumaka appeared and caught! Named it Griz! Returning and healing the team, Berzerk trains at the Battle Company and Crit kills off Snowpuff to a Take Down... 4th kill... 3rd by a one hit crit...

Healing the team, Berzerk decides to train Griz alone in the gym! Reaching the gym, Cheren appears walking out of the gym with his badge! Oh god now Griz has to fight him alone... oh thank god he didn't! Burgh then follows Cheren out of the gym and sees Berzerk! He remembered Berzerk's name! yay! Oh no! Team Hazmah has shown up again! Damn it...Re organised the team! Griz needs to survive for the gym!

To the pier!

Burgh is with Bianca and some other person... turns out Bianca's Munna was stolen by Team Plaza. This other girl heard the scream and came to help. Iris is her name. Agreeing to try and find her Pokemon, a grunt appears! and runs in fear!

Berzerk and the group finds Team Pazmah at some building, Battle TIME! Beating the grunts, they make a pun of their name! Team Plasbad. Hahahaha no. They stole my joke! (sarcasm intended). Entering the building with some guff about their true goals, After some dialogue, her Munna is returned! Team Badmah leaves behind a smoke ball.

Gym training time! With Griz at level 20 Griz, probably will be able to handle the gym leader with ease. Berzerk is hyped! for once things seem to be doing the right way. Berzerk's way. Healed, Berzerk faces Burgh!
  1. Griz Vs Whilipede
  2. Griz uses firefang and nearly kos it
  3. Whirlipede used Poison Tail!
  4. burgh uses hyper potion and heals its hp!
  5. Incinerate is used! Griz finishes it off with fire fang!
  6. #Grizhype!
  7. Dwebble is next!
  8. Dwebble uses sand attack! no noes Fire fang!
  9. Dwebble uses smack down, Griz Lives! Dwebble dodges fire fang
  10. Heal time!
  11. Smack down
  12. Smack down!
  13. Lives on 3 hp!
  14. Griz's fire fang hits!
  15. Levanny is next! Healing time!
  16. Levanny used Struggle Bug! Not very effective!
  17. Levanny used Razor leaf! down to half health!
  18. Griz 1hko's Levanny with fire fang! AMAZING BATTLE!
  19. Griz Levels up to 22 and learns fire punch over incincerate!

Burge was defeated! The Insect badge was obtained along with Struggle Bug TM76!

After our victor the Xtranseiver rings and it is Bianca, thanking Berzerk, Bianca challenges Berzerk to battle along the entrance to Route 4. Eager after the victory, Berzerk heals the team and runs off for the battle.

Hahaha! Bianca really loves her indoor battles, she asked the gate keeper if they could battle. Just be careful of the TV! The battle went on for a long time and it became all about getting rid of that Munna, the yawning and the healing spam was annoying as hell, it all came down to luck with Xavier waking up and landing a crit out of pure annoyance on the Munna. The rest of Bianca's team falls and victory is claimed.

The game then was saved at the gate.

Current team.

Sir Xavier (Lv24) x Crusher Kim (Lv23)
Griz (Lv22)
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