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PokeWorld : S1 , EP 2!

Posted June 30th, 2017 at 6:04 AM by U-Hacks

[B]Last Episode :[/B]
Brey Got up and go to professor's lab to get a pokemon. But there where 2 pokemons : Charmander & Squirtle.

[B]Episode 2 : The Adventure Begins![/B]

Brey is still confused of what pokemon will he take. Than suddenly, a person appeared!

He Said, "I Wanna Get a Pokemon!"

Brey let him to choose First.

"I will choose Charmander!", He said And choose charmander.

"Good Bye Professor!", He said and go to his journey.

"Just Squirtle is left so i will choose him", Brey Said

"Ok! " Professor Said "Take it"

"Wait!!!!!!", A Girl Shouted "I want that cute Squirlte!"

Brey Become Disappointed but he was kind, he give the Squirtle to that Girl

"What will i do now!!!!!"

"Here Take This", Said Professor "These are 3 Ultra Balls Take them and go find a pokemon and catch it."

"OK!", Said Brey

Brey Take the Ultra Balls and go to Route 1!

"Man where will i find a pokemon?", Brey said to itself.

"There it is!",Brey Said, "It's a Pidgey"

Brey Threw an Ultra Ball but Pidgey flew away.

"Man That's not fair!!!"

Than Suddenly he saw a spearow!

Brey Threw an Ultra Ball on the spearow but spearow flew away too.

"Man i have just 1 Ultra Ball left!!", Brey Said

Than Suddenly he listen a loud cry of a pokemon.

Brey ran towards it.

"What pokemon could it be?", Brey Said

[B]The Pokemon![/B]

When Brey reached there, There was a pokemon lying there.

Brey take the pokemon and ran towards Prof Ory's Lab.

[B]In The Lab :[/B]

"There is Professor", Brey Said "Professor, This pokemon is weak. Please check it"

"This pokemon is fine", Said Professor "It just need rest"

[B]Who's That Pokemon? :[/B]

"Professor, Who's that pokemon?", Said Brey

"It is a Pichu!", Said Professor

"A Pichu?", Said Brey "It evolves into Pikachu which my dad has. Right Professor?"

"Yes, You're Right", Said Peofessor "Long Time ago, My father gives ash a Pikachu, First Pikachu was not friend of Ash, But it become ash's friend when ash saves him."

[B]Next Morning :[/B]

Pichu Woke up and saw brey. Pichu remembers that brey saves him. Pichu go near the brey and touch him. Brey Woke up & saw him!

"Hello Friend! will you like to live with me.", Brey Said

Pichu Become Very excited and it get's on the head of Brey.

Pichu touches the ultra ball.

Brey Said, "So you wan't to be catched?"

"No Problem!", Said Brey, "Here i go"

Brey Caught Pichu.

"Hooray!", Said Brey

Brey Starts his journey from there.

[FONT="Frijole"][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]To Be Continued...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE="6"][B]Note :[/B] Which Pokemon Should Brey Catch in the Next Episode?[/SIZE]
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    Turjo12's Avatar
    Very nice so far! Keep up the good work.
    Anyway, for the note, I think Brey should catch Mankey, which can be found in Route 22(West of Viridian City)
    Good luck... :)
    Posted June 30th, 2017 at 6:51 AM by Turjo12 Turjo12 is offline