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PokeWorld : S1 , EP3!

Posted July 2nd, 2017 at 4:31 AM by U-Hacks

[B]Last Episode :[/B]
Brey Catch a pichu and started travelling with him.


Brey is travelling with pichu and going to viridian city.

"So Viridian city is in the north of us."

"Hey wait!", A boy said.

"huh? Who are you?",Said Brey, "I have not met you anywhere"

"I'm Drake", Said Drake,"I'm boy living in Viridian City, I like to catch fishes so, i'm here to catch fishes."

"wow!", Brey Said, "You have pokemon?"

"Yes", Said Drake, "I have a Geodude and a Charmander."

"So can we battle a 1vs 1 match?", Said Brey, "This will be my first Battle."

"Ok, So let's start.", Said Drake.

[B]The Battle :[/B]
[SPOILER]Brey : Go Pichu!
Drake : A Pichu, Go Charmander!

Brey : Use Thunder Bolt Pichu!
Drake : Dodge it & use Scratch!

Brey : oh no, Pichu use Charm!
Drake : My Charmander is a male. It doesn't work. Use Scratch!

Brey : Dodge it & use thunder bolt!
Drake : oh, you're strong, Charmander use Scratch Again!

Brey : Again Dodge it & use Tackle!
Drake : dodge it!

Brey : Use Thunder Bolt!
Drake : Dodge it & use Metal Claw!

Brey : Pichu, Use Tackle!
Drake : use Metal Claw!

Brey : Hooray! I won!
Drake : You did great, Come back charmander![/SPOILER]

Well, You battled great", said Drake, "Will you come with me to Viridian City?"

"Yes! Of course", Said Brey, "Let's go together!"

[B][I][FONT="Bangers"][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]To Be Continued...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B]

[I]Help brey to catch his first Pokemon![/I]
[U]Which Type should be the pokemon that will brey catch?[/U]

[B]Next Episode:[/B]
Brey Will catch A Pokemon!!!!


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