If you want to know the real me, just turn the page in my dirt road diary.
It’s right there for you to see, every kiss, every beer, every cotton field memory.
Tan legs & some Dixie Land delight, ridin’ round, windows down on a summer night.
I was there, and that was me. It's right here in my dirt road diary.

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An explanation

Posted October 10th, 2015 at 6:07 PM by Meganium

Hey guys! You may be wondering why I've suddenly disappeared, closed off my VMs, and pretty much tried to…avoid all contact. Well, let me just…explain.

First of all, yes, I've made it official that I'm retiring from staff. It was painful to make this decision, despite the fact that I've actually said I'll do my best to balance between school, work, relationship, social life, and many other things. It's not working out. I could not fit PC into my schedule at this time. Currently life for me has become extremely hectic, however, this is good for me because I'm almost away from my place and getting actual socialization in real life. This was something I could not do back in California.

Second of all, I feel like…PC just isn't for me anymore. Five years of so many changes, meeting hundreds of people and some of them close friends. I've finally reached a point that my time here on PC is up. Not just staff-wise, but for my regular activity as well. Now, I'm not completely leaving. I'll stop by every now and again, just to see how things are doing for y'all. Remember, it is one of my true internet homes, so take this as me "leaving the nest".

Third of all, in addition to the above, let me just tell you the brutal truth. It's really awkward typing this next to my boyfriend while he's watching youtube videos, but he knows this already so I'll go ahead and say this. I'm…still a bit heartbroken about my ex-best friend, Buoysel. I mean, I'm OKAY okay. But, everytime I log on, I'm always reminiscing those good times I've had with him. Those 5 hour skype calls, those long-ass text conversations…I would literally tell the guy everything. But I never saw the end of our four year friendship coming. Along with quitting staff and limiting my time at PC, I'm also officially burying these memories. Starting over won't do any good.

Keep in touch, guys. I love y'all sooo much! I'm off to continue my life out in Houston. Still so much to do as I'm currently in Galveston at the moment. Boyfriend still needs emotional support, and I'm there for him.
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    Sydian's Avatar
    I feel you on that third point. Take care, Megana. xo I'll keep up with you on Twitter. :) Best wishes for you!
    Posted October 10th, 2015 at 6:16 PM by Sydian Sydian is offline
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    Sheep's Avatar
    take care. <3 I know things have been rough here for you on certain occasions but you're a strong person and get through things in a mature way. Thanks for being a great friend.
    Posted October 10th, 2015 at 6:55 PM by Sheep Sheep is online now