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Lady Gaga 'Fake Rolex' Thailand Tweet Draws Local Backlash

Posted May 25th, 2012 at 8:58 AM by Government Hooker

The thespian done a criticism to her 24 million Twitter followers, sparking an online conflict Thursday in Thailand where some fans called it offensive, scornful and bad for a country’s image.

It’s a latest publicity-making spin of events as “The Born This Way Ball” travels by Asia.

Lady Gaga’s provocative lyrics and costumes have hurt Christian groups in South Korea and a Philippines and Islamists in Indonesia, where a uncover might be banned.

Now she is stirring jingoist passion in Thailand, where people tend to get dissapoint when a country’s decrepit underworld is highlighted by outsiders.

“We are some-more courteous than we think,” tweeted Thai DJ Surahit Siamwalla, who has a sheet to Friday’s uncover in Bangkok though pronounced he skeleton to boycott.

“She came to a home, though instead of admiring us she angry us,” pronounced a commentator on renouned Thai web house pantip.com.

Lady Gaga posted her twitter shortly after her private jet arrived Wednesday night: “I only landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. we wanna get mislaid in a lady marketplace and buy feign Rolex.”

It is misleading what a “lady market” is though some Thai fans insincere she meant a renouned outward Ladies Market in Hong Kong, where she already toured – and also eyed a oppulance knockoffs.

“I adore this city,” she tweeted Apr 30 after holding a Hong Kong spin class. “You can work out buy a feign Birkin on a same street.”

Not all Thai fans objected to a risqu� comment. A screaming host greeted Lady Gaga during a airport. Crowds alive her 5-star hotel, where she sealed autographs and hugged one womanlike fan who left in tears. People have camped outward Rajamangala track for days, anticipating to be initial inside and win a esteem of assembly a cocktail star in person.

If Lady Gaga does have time to emporium in Bangkok, she’ll see that a city has some-more to offer than only feign watches, Thai fan Nont Armarttasn sarcastically remarkable on his Facebook page.

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    "'We are some-more courteous than we think,' tweeted Thai DJ Surahit Siamwalla, who has a sheet to Friday’s uncover in Bangkok though pronounced he skeleton to boycott."

    This makes absolutely no sense. I stopped there.
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