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Pokemon Adventure! Pt6

Posted December 30th, 2018 at 6:44 PM by Veil Loreraven

Like, O.M.G!

I like totally beat the final Trial on Akala Island! YAY! Me and my pokemon spend days training together and I like, totally believed it was going to me and my sandshrew all the way, but in the end he ended up fainting. I thought I was done for since none of my other pokemon, while they got a lot stronger, none of them like, learned any new moves and junk, but my Brobasaur totally won it in end for me! YAY! Oh, yeah, I think a huge part of it was because like, the comfort or comfray or whatever it was called, a cute little ring of flowers pokemon and is just like, The PERFECT fashion accessory-kept using this like move that made the totem pokemon's defence like a LOT stronger until it was like, TO THE MAX! It was like, Totally unfair! But for some reason I am going to have to like, nerd out and like, research that stuff n' junk because it like, made my Brobasaur way tougher too and I got this great idea to keep using his move growth until he gained enough power to use this totally awsome move he came with "petal dance" to like, defeat them and junk!

OH, and he EVOLVED! YAY! He's totally a Venusaur now! I think I heard from like, my other cousin or some kind from like, I forget it's name but it's like totally fabuvlous and everyone has like the best fashion sense, but like, If I get can get this stone and junk, it can like, mega evolve into something. Whatever that means! But anyway, then I went to this nerd place full of these nerds to help my new BFF lillie, we are totally BFF's now!, find out the origins of her pokemon Nebby!

Before leaving like, this tear opened up in the sky. IT was like, so super totally scary and junk! I don't know what I was looking at. I haven't really like, told anyone much about it yet because it like, only lasted a few seconds but it was totally there! Anyway, toodles! Gotta go to this diglet cave now to get to Konikoni city. Somewhere there is the item I need called an Ice stone that I can like, use to evolve my little sandshrew. Totally could had used that during my last trail and if the other trials are this hard, I am totally going like, neeeeed it!~
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