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Pokemon Adventure! Pt7

Posted January 4th, 2019 at 11:11 PM by Veil Loreraven

Yeah, whatever agian I guess.

So like, where do I even start? I should start with like. OMG! Like I can't even right now, like I am totally REALLY ANGRY! I finally Get to KoniKoni City and like, this lady tells me she doesn't HAVE Ice Stones! The last one got bought by those Stupid losers from Team Skull! EWW! Like, I am so fuming right now. Those team skull numbskulls like, are totally bad karma and are like throwing my good vibs from the universe like, ALL OUTTA WHACK!

Oh, then to make things worst, they are invading graveyards and now have stolen a pokemon belonging to a new friend of mine! Oh, I guess I skipped a few steps, HA! So air headed of me. Anyway, I finally meet a different member of team skull who isn't some greasy looking boy and eww, does she have terrible fashion sense. Like, her make up makes her look like, such a sluuuuuttt! Anyway, like I totally beat her no problem!

I like, also ran into this creepy looking girl with terrible hair and she like, I forget what but did something to my camera or some junk, and like I had to go through this creepy haunted grocery store or something. Seriously, bad, karma vibes there. Also, I think she was totally messing with me since that store totally had a backroom that I went into and like, she tried telling me there was no back room...like, yeah, riiiight!

Anyway, I am off to go to this PO town where those Team skull geasy losers are and like, totally lay the harm on them. Maybe I might even be able to like, find that Ice stone they robbed me of getting. I so totally had my eye on it first!
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