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2015 FPT Stat Roundup

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2015 FPT Stat Roundup

Posted December 26th, 2015 at 11:57 PM by Brendino

Another year of voting in the Favorite Pokemon Tournament has come and gone here on PC, with our third annual edition wrapping up earlier this month (if you haven't seen the winners yet, click here). And with the end of the tournament comes one of my favorite parts- the Stat Roundup! Now, while some people may be more interested in this than others, these stats are a great way to show how big of an event this really is. Now, with that out of the way, here are some of the news and notes from this year:

  • Despite lower participation numbers than last year, all of the FPT threads combined for 719 posts (the equivalent of a 29 page thread in a little over two months), with more than 28,000 views overall.
  • Across all poll threads, 1,732 individual voters cast 8,154 votes for their favorite Pokémon, meaning each member voted for roughly 5 Pokémon families per poll.
  • The most popular poll this year (excluding the finale) was for Grass-type Pokémon, with 579 votes were cast. Coming up in last place was the Bug-type poll, with 290 individual votes.
  • Even though they came up short in the finale, the Gengar family have the highest cumulative voting over the last 3 years (35%), earning 324 of a possible 926 votes.
  • Of all Pokémon included in the polls, Throh and Sawk were the least successful, tallying just a single vote out of a possible 76.
  • Of this year's 20 finalists,
    seven Pokémon families
    Gengar family, Dragonite family, Ampharos family, Umbreon, Sceptile family, Gardevoir/Gallade family, Metagross family
    (hover for list) have successfully advanced to the finale in all 3 editions of the Favorite Pokémon Tournament
  • Users from every continent (except Antartica) participated in this year's event. While the United States made up roughly 70% of the traffic, a significant amount of British, Australian, German, Canadian, and Indian users participated as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed some of those stats! While I try to include what I can, I've still got a lot of numbers and facts that I've left out, so if there's anything in particular you'd like to know, just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do. Also, most of you should have received your participation emblems by now, but if I've missed anyone, let me know and I'll fix that as soon as I can for you!
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    Lycanthropy's Avatar
    Wow, I can't believe you took your time to count all that, but I'm glad you did. I always love to see stats like these. Thanks for hosting the event!
    Posted December 27th, 2015 at 9:18 AM by Lycanthropy Lycanthropy is offline

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