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Whoops! And Tabletop Things

Posted April 29th, 2014 at 3:28 PM by Fenris
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Apparently in the turnover of how the supporter system works, I was locked out of my blog for a while. Not very fun, but it was fixed as soon as I brought the issue up; good ol' PC and it's fantastic moderators/admins save the day again! :)

So, in my time away from PC (I've been fairly inactive recently due to finals stress; college is not fun this time of year), I've managed to be hooked into DMing a tabletop campaign online for some friends of mine. Specifically, a Kingdom hearts themed tabletop game.

And yes, Pokemon is one of the visit-able worlds iI'm planning on. :P

Planning the whole thing out is a bit tricky though, and my notes are a jumbled mess, but it should be fun! Second ever campaign to DM though, so it'll probably be rocky for a while. Hopefully it'll be fun regardless!
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