Shine Diamond episode 47a--The Afterpost

Posted August 29th, 2018 at 5:18 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group races to figure out the mystery of the Solaceon Ruins, with Dawn befriending a a Ralts along the way.

This episode was heavily rewritten to account for the team reshuffling--Ash's battle and the move Diddy learns is rewritten to account for the starter shuffle. I did check and make sure Barry's tips were accurate for all the moves.

Ambipom is replaced with a Ralts, who Dawn befriends in the ruins. This Ralts will be Dawn's Mega Evolve-able Pokemon--the...
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Is Voltron Legendary Defenders worth it?

Posted August 29th, 2018 at 9:55 AM by Palamon (Can't Get Inside My Soul)
Updated August 29th, 2018 at 9:56 AM by Palamon

@ Voltron watchers of PC. Is Voltron worth a watch? I stopped after season one, and have been pretty much avoiding its existence because no one ever stops talking about it & posts discourse about it all the time.

But, I'd like to hear some convincing reasons why I should continue. Besides the fact that Shiro is gay (which has already been spoiled to me by the entire internet). Which is something I did need. But, I'm mostly reconsidering this show because of Pidge and Pidge only....
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