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Candace's Favorite B/W Pokemon

Posted October 5th, 2010 at 1:22 PM by Sweet Candace

These are my 5 favorite Black and White Pokemon, decided by me. These are my opinions. If you don't like them, then you can make one yourself and rank the Pokemon your way.

#1: Shandera

Shandera is an awesome Pokemon. Ghost/Fire is an intresting combination. Has a freakishly high Sp. Atk (Has the highest of any non-legendary). It can get Shadow Tag as an ability if caught in the Dream World, which makes it that much more amazing. Plus it's two normal abilites add injuries to insult; Flash Fire and Flame Body. Plus it's a chandeilier, and is very cool looking. (Not to mention it has an awesome shiny form.

#2: Doryuuzu

I think Doryuuzu is way better than Meguroko. Ground/Steel is an interesting combination and takes full advantage of it's 'physical sweeper' by being gifted with a good Attack stat.

#3: Shubarugo

I really like it's design. It's really cool looking, has high Attack, and has an interesting combination; Bug/Steel.

#4: Ononokusu
One of the "psuedo-legendary" Dragon of this generation. Has good power, and has an interesting design.

#5: Shinpora
I like it because of it's design. Kind of creepy, but kind of interesting.
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