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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 3

Posted December 14th, 2017 at 10:53 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated September 8th, 2018 at 8:48 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Between real life and making my own game in RPG Maker, let's plays are easily the least difficult thing for me to do now.

Chapter #3 - Nightmare in Dream Land


So, last time on Sailor Moon: Another Story, the bad guys were revealed to have kidnapped our friends and now we're going to do something about that.

: "They're wandering around inside our illusions, as usual. Only... Lady Serenity continues to be protected by the Silver Crystal."

: "While 'Lady' is in our hands, she can't be touched by a single finger. We just need to be patient a little longer."

[The screen scrolls over to Chibiusa on the ground]

That's a good view of the city, but god damn how tall is this school?

(Yes, I will comment on that instead of Usagi's future daughter being in mortal peril.)

This is normally supposed to be Usagi's school, but the evil knockoff squad took it over. It is also massive, standing at four stories tall for some reason.

[Moon starts snickering]

: "Oh no, I can already tell what you're going to do."

: "You can't stop me, Luna!"

: "Usagi, stop messing around and save your friends!!"


: "That's... Sailor Mercury's voice!"

Yeah, they will block you from proceeding if you haven't saved your friends, so we should get on that.

"I'll help you recover!!"

Okay, I could give him some leeway with him being in the middle of the street, but why is this guy inside of Usagi's high school?

Like come on, you're making it too easy for me.

"Do not intrude."

When the reaper says this, you know something's wrong.

"Thanks to your help, Dr. Mizuno, this child is healthy again."

: "No, it was nothing at all."

So yeah, I think I've said this before but Ami wants to become a doctor when she grows up. I would normally wonder why she has her schoolgirl portrait here, but she is just dreaming.

The "telephone" behind her makes an ear-ripping noise and it turns out it's her husband calling her for their anniversary. This would be so sweet if it weren't for the fact she's getting the life sucked out of her by a Youma.

Of course dummy, what did you expect?

Name: Muhreed
HP: 180
Attack: 20
Defense: 12
Speed: 32
EXP: 5
Yen: 500
Item Drop: App. Medicine (Cures status)
Monster Type: Youma
Based off of: Murido (Dream Princess / True form)
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon Classic (Season 1, episode 11)

Murido is one of the most terrifying early monsters on the show, mostly because she's the only one that could hold up a reasonable facade for an extended period of time.

She disguised herself as the mascot of a theme park attraction - the Dream Princess, and not gonna lie... it works really well. She's so cute and well-designed as the Dream Princess that when it's time to reveal the actual Youma behind it, it's done through this absolutely pants-mukting scene.

Like straight up, what the psyduck.

(Also, today's chapter is even named after the episode Murido appears in)

Murido spits out toxic mist that hits the entire party for the "Numb" status effect - poison, effectively. It has a really low success rate, so there's not much to worry about, though.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack rips her apart, like it should. Sailor Moon from season 3 onward should be downright terrifying to the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon Clan, especially seeing as it takes one entire Rainbow Moon Heartache just to kill the stronger Daimons from the latter half of Super.

Oh don't mind me, I'm just nerding the hell out.

So to end it off in classic fashion, we nuke her with Moon Tiara Action.

The reward isn't that impressive (and Saturn got poisoned), but whatever.

"That dream is the Destiny that you truly desire. A... ahh...."

I mean, yeah, but I think she'd want to achieve it in a way that doesn't involve dying.

: "I... I'm alright. Go help everyone else first. I'll go and help them later."

And just like that, we saved Mercury! Hooray.

But wait, there's still one thing I have to show off...

Link Techs!

It only took until chapter 3, but I can finally talk about it at least.

See, Link Techs are special dual-triple techs between Senshi that range from negligible to great. (The Chrono Trigger parallels become even more obvious in hindsight. )

Some of them have really cool-sounding names like this. There's a guide on which combinations have link techs, but it's pretty obvious who goes where.

Moon can collaborate with anybody due to being the main character.

If you get a combination that doesn't have a tech, you get this instead. As a side note, I like the little sprites they have for all of the senshi.

Sometimes the techs are just combinations of normal attacks with the animations slightly changed. There's a good thing and a bad thing about this:

* The good - You can use the attack with both/all three members who know it in the same turn, so if it's really damaging it could be devastating.

* The bad - it takes MP from everyone in the tech every time. Combine this with the maximum of 12 MP, and you'll run out fast across multiple Senshi if you're not careful. Also, link techs aren't usually stronger than the sum of their parts, so using single techs would be better most of the time.

Really, the greatest utility of Link Techs are the non-standard ones like this one. Healing Shower, despite the name, raises attack for everyone in the party. It is as busted as it sounds, especially since the conventional attack-boosting item only applies to one person.

They might even stack, but I'm not quite sure.

That sounds like the ultimate triple attack, but... it's just a healing move. A bit lame.

Oh yes, the last important thing about Link Techs is that once you've assigned them, you know them permanently regardless if said team members are actually in your party. That's hella neat and I wish more games had this kind of dynamic, but alas that'd require a lot of effort that most people won't want to go through.

The fact the monster gives us a choice is hilarious in of itself... but if you actually choose no, they're just like "naw m8 what you really want is to beat me up, come on."

You know, kind of like this.

Instead if you choose yes, you get this far less interesting generic bad guy taunt.

Sailor Moon + Neptune: Spiral Reflection

This did quite a bit, although that's mostly because Moon in the center is pulling it off first. If Neptune did it, it'd do far less.

Here's Deep Shaking... yeah, it just takes the animation for Space Sword Blaster and mixes it with Deep Submerge. Not too cool visually but come on, they had to do this.

[Screen pixellates out]

"You're my only true love. You love me, don't you? You've always loved me, Chiba Mamoru. Now, don't say anything... We'll be together forever..."

Yes, this is how human speak. Beep boop.

: "Mamoru-sama... I'm so happy... I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Oh yeah, one of the things that got Usagi at Rei's neck for a while is the fact she tried to go after the same man... oops.


[Fade back into reality]


: "Mamoru-sama!?"

Oooh boy, we might have a catfight on our hands for this one.

: "What... did you just say Mamoru-sama's name? What the heck were you dreaming about?"

: "AH!!!"

[Rei falls to the ground, pretending she fainted]

Woman, you ain't slick.

"This girl's dreams are coming true."

: "?"

Monster: "Dating with that boy you like..."

[Luna motions Moon to walk over to the unconscious Jupiter]

Oh boy, do they really not notice what we're doing?

Oh my god, we're literally dragging Jupiter away while the monster's back is turned.

Monster: "Becoming an idol singer... you want to become... prettier..."

"Whoops! While I was busy investigating..."

[The monster charges at Moon and pals offscreen]

What a silly-ass game.

Name: Jarcock
HP: 200
Attack: 22
Defense: 9
Speed: 20
EXP: 5
Yen: 100
Item Drop: Toilette (Fully restores every member's HP/MP)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Jakoku
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 29)

J... JAR-COCK. Did they really think that was a suitable name to use? God damn it.

This is supposed to be Jakoku, a Droid that was personally employed by the leader of the Black Moon Clan to invade Chibi-Usa's dreams. He's Freddy Krueger in the form of the Grim Reaper and that's just... damn, that's metal.

His (actual) name translates to Evil Black just in case you thought he needed to be a bit more subtle. That aside, I don't know why every monster you see on the overworld looks like him.

In fact, this might be the only time where we legitimately fight him and not a monster just using his sprite.

Jakoku knows Sonic Wave, an attack that's supposed to put you to sleep but has a horrendous success rate like Toxic Mist... and it doesn't even hit everyone. Yeah, for being a Droid, Jakoku's already been upstaged by his Youma counterpart. That's pretty sad.

I do love the little detail of how the two dream-based monsters are the ones they're using to subjugate the Inners with illusions.

He goes down easy, and I'm left with the mental image of what World Shaking or Deep Submerge would do to anything pre-Super seeing as they were able to one-shot the first Daimon that showed up onscreen.

"I'm so quick to start a fight. But with no other tall guys like me around... There probably isn't anybody else for you, so...

"Th... then... Then we're...?"

Guy: "Yeah, well then... Could you bring along one of your home-made bentou lunches tomorrow?"

: "Sure!

After beating Not-Freddy, we get to peek into Mako's dreams and... well, she just wants to be with her senpai boyfriend. Awww.

"You came to help me... I'll be alright in a while, go help everyone else first."

Why would I not help Best Girl?

: "Ohhh..."

Monster: "This child is going to live in a dream world forever... Let her be..."

I actually thought that other girl was Ami for a second, but not quite.

Hikaru: "What is is, Minako? Who're you chasing after this time?"

I like how, even in her dreams, people are like "ok dude who is it this time"

: "No, no, this time it's true love!"

Hikaru: "Really? Who's it with?"

The only result that came up for Minami on the Sailor Moon wiki wasn't an actual character, but instead a voice actress for one of the Daimons. (Omi Minami)

That's, uh.... one hella crack pairing.

: "I'm gonna give him a love letter today!"

Hikaru: "Cool! You're really going to give him the letter?"

: "I'm really going to give him a letter this time... I've tried before, but something always stops me."

: "Cool! Sailor Moon-chan's made it all the way to a game."

That is some meta muk.

Hikaru: "I've heard a rumor that Sailor Moon's a secret detective for the police."

It's funny she brings that up because that's exactly what Minako was when she was Sailor V, more or less.

: "That's so cool... I wanna become like Sailor Moon too..."

Damn, and I thought Jupiter's was the most humble. Minako has some issues and god I just want to give her a hug.

It's just another Jakoku. Skipping fight because you already know how it's going to end.

"You sure are cool, Sailor Moon."

: "Venus..."

: "Chibi-Usa's being held on the roof. Go and help her quickly, she must be waiting for you."

Nice, all we gotta do is not mess up.

"You have to go get Chibi-Usa-chan."

Alright. I kinda feel naked without my cat following me, but I'll live.

: "Sin! So Chibi-Usa is safe, for now..."

: "Don't worry."

[Not-Mars teleports in]

: "This child is dreaming. And she has realized what's happening to her. She shall have a good Destiny and so shall you annoying brats!"

: "If you want to help this child, hand over the Silver Crystal. This child for it!"

"Don't give the Silver Crystal to them!"

(Prepare yourself for this one, my dudes.)

[The other Opposito teleport in]

: "We shall make her dream until we get what we want."

: "And she'll die if she keeps dreaming. Her happiness is only in her imagination."

Pretty tense. Just what's our answer to this?

: "Sailor Moon... the enemy's trying to scare you into giving them the Silver Crystal."

: "Yeah. So do't let them trick you."

Reasonable arguments, but given how this is a hostage situation and Usagi is Usagi...

: "It's true, Sailor Moon. Don't let them trick you."

: "I know... Sin. I'll give you the Silver Crystal."

Are you psyducking kidding me.

: "Huh...!"

: "WHAT!!!"

Neptune's reaction is the one that slays me the most because they literally just told Moon to not do this, yet she decides to do it anyway because she's one giant martyr.

: "Stop! Sailor Moon!"

[Moon walks out in front]

: "I'll give you the Silver Crystal, but you must give back Chibi-Usa!"

: "I have to help Chibi-Usa."

: "Good. That's the right solution to this problem. Now, she shall wake up."

[Chibi-Usa flies in a slow arc towards Moon]

That's just silly-looking, especially with her pink marshmallow hair. But yeah... Sin, you kinda psyducked up? You just gave them back the hostage and she didn't give you the Silver Crystal yet.

At this point Moon and pals should be like "nah m8" and run away without having to give away the Crystal, but you know... our protagonist is kind of a ditz.

: "Come now! Hand over the Silver Crystal!"

[A rose flies in from above and pierces the ground]

: "Who... who are you?!"

[Current OST: Tuxedo Mask Appears]

: "It's wrong to play around with young girls' dreams like that. You have such a cold heart. Apologize!"

Damn, just like the show again. Another Story really does hit all the marks of a good licensed game... I just wish the plot was a little better written and at least an explanation about how the formation system works aside from a static screen.

: "Don't give the enemy the Silver Crystal."

: "B... but, Chibi-Usa..."

Who is right behind you, you freaking idiot.

: "She's fine. She's being protected by the Silver Crystal's power. Soon, she shall awaken from her sleep on her own."

[Tuxedo Mask turns to face the Opposito]

: "Why do you want the Silver Crystal?"

I'm already getting sick of saying that word and I'm not even playing a drinking game! I swear it and destiny are in every other sentence!

: "Changing the fate of the world?"

Moon more or less repeats the same thing, with Sin changing world with planet a sentence afterward. I don't think even thrilling commentary would make this less of a drag, so I'll start skipping when it gets especially monotonous.

: "We want to control the future!"

: "You want to control the future...? Control... future..."

: "They're manipulating you! They're trying to make us imagine things."

Oh wow, this must be how they managed to hypnotize the other senshi. I think this also answers my question as to how they got the monsters on their side because you have at least three completely different factions serving the Opposito forces.

"Come home early today, won't you? Today's Chibi-Usa's... "

: "I know. Chibi-Usa's birthday, right? I came home late last time, but I won't this time. Well, I'm off!"

So Usagi's dream is being married to Mamoru and having Chibi-Usa as a daughter? That sounds about right.

: "Darling! "

: "Now, what aren't you meant to forget?"

: "Huh? Oh... oh yeah... I always forget this."

Kissing your wife is something you forget? Ooof, that's rough.

But yeah, again, if this was actually happening it'd be super cute.

[Chibi-Usa wakes up]

: "Ohhhhhh...."

[She sees the hypnotized Moon and Tuxedo Mask]

: "No! You tricked those two!"

: "Wake up, Sailor Moon! Tuxedo Mask! Everyone needs you!"

What the hell are Saturn and the rest doing in the back? They should be... I don't know, fighting off the Opposito who are right there?

[Current OST: Let's Go]

[The Opposito Senshi jump back a bit]

: "Die bastards!"

: "Die!"

: "Die now!"

: "Please die now. "

Yes, repeat the same thing. Like we need this to be more corny.

[Tuxedo Mask snaps out of his trance and jumps behind Chibi-Usa]

: "Gwaaaa!"

[He falls to his knees]

Oh damn, they used Black Luminaire! You know they mean business then.

: "Tuxedo Mask, are you okay?!

[Saturn runs out in front]

: "Hey..."

: "Big mistake!"

[Sin zaps Saturn with a thin beam of dark energy]

: "KYAAA!!"

[The Opposito disappear]

... Wait, what? Why did they leave?! They just took out two of our major members in less than a minute and their powers combined must have been strong enough to total our team... yet they run away?

I guess it's because we have the Silver Crystal, but come on.

After that debacle, we teleport back to Mamoru's house where we have to nurse him back to health.

"It was my fault..."

: "Usagi's not to blame. It was my... It was my..."

It kinda is Usagi's fault a little bit due to how she had already gotten Chibi-Usa back, but everything from the hypnosis scene onward can't really be blamed on either girl to be frank.

[Haruka and Michiru walk in]

: "Hey, let him get some rest. Two of our friends almost died."

: "But..."

: "Don't apologize. It's not what happened then, it's what happening now."

I like Michiru and the Outers a lot.

"Haruka, what do you think?"

: "It's hopeless! It's hopeless to continue! We're failures at protecting the King."

: "So you thought so too..."

I would normally feel bad for you two, but you did just stand there and do nothing. Just saying.

I'll summarize some of these last bits because they go on for quite a bit. Hotaru's been put back in the hospital, so all of our worries towards her being injured in the last chapter were justified.

Next, Makoto feels guilty for falling into the trap, but Mina's just like "what could we have possibly done to prevent it?"... she's right, though? If they're able to hypnotize you without even trying, then I don't think any amount of Crescent Beams could have stopped it.

[Current OST: Four Heartful Kings]

(I like this song. It might even take some riffs from the Black Moon Theme)

: "Guardian Soldiers of King Endymion. We are now protecting him."

: "But aren't you Queen Beryl's...?!"

[Kunzite is replaced by the image of a man with long brown hair]

: "Yes, we did serve as Generals under Queen Beryl for a while. However, we were originally followers of the Prince of Earth, Endymion. And now we have returned to serve our former master once again."

This is Nephrite, the second of the Four Heavenly Kings. He was arguably the most developed in the anime because not only does he try to defect, he legitimately falls in love with Naru (I think? It's been a while since I saw Sailor Moon Classic) and tries to save her from three of Zoisite's Youma, the Plant Sisters... only to be gutted on screen complete with a spray of green blood.

If it was red blood, the anime would not be suitable for kids because Jesus Christ.

"Perhaps, Mamoru-san..."

[Nephrite is replaced by the image of an effeminate young man with blonde hair tied into a ponytail]

: "Heh heh. The reason for Master Endymion's inactivity is negative energy."

Speaking of Zoisite, here he is. He's the third King shown and he's had the most interesting conversion from Japanese to English.

They made him a woman when they ported the series over to America because not only did he look feminine, he had a gay relationship with Kunzite up there. Cause you know, the chilluns couldn't handle it.

He also disguised himself as an evil purple Sailor Moon at one point, by the way?

: "Well, what are you guys doing here?"

[Zoisite shifts to a man with short blond hair]

: "You see, Master's condition right now is quite abnormal. Perhaps the enemy is in possession of Negative Energy. Perhaps in large quantities."

This is the OG villain of Sailor Moon, Jadeite. He's the first Heavenly King encountered and arguably the most iconic villain considering how early you see him.

I find the bit where he mentions negative energy really amusing considering Jadeite's missions for his run in the series were all about gathering energy from people for Queen Beryl, more or less.

He was also kind of sexist, but only to the Sailor Senshi because he doesn't do it with Beryl for some reason. Something something about how he thought the Dark Kingdom was superior.

His ultimate fate was to get trapped in a glass coffin by Beryl herself after he lost one of her high-ranking Youma in a fight against Sailor Moon. Whoops.

Long story short, the Heavenly Kings have a plan. In order to restore Mamoru back to his old self, they need stones made of pure light and pure darkness so they can mix them together for a cure(?).

The stones belonged to the Kings and are hidden all around the world and they tell us where they are: Jadeite's is in Nepal, Nephrite's in Canada (oh boy), Zoisite's in Switzerland and Kunzite's is in Turkey.

When we have all of the stones, they mention that they'll be waiting with the Barazuishou... aka. the Rose Crystal. Yeah, Mamoru has a special fancy rock too.

The Kings disappear and give us the dark parts of the stones, leaving the Senshi to look for their light counterparts all over the world.

Mina says the hunt for the stones is a job for the Inners, so Haruka and Michiru can't come. Damn it, but alright.

Ami goes to Switzerland, Rei to Nepal, Mako to Canada (because along with being the thunder lady, she's also nature at the same time) and lastly, Minako to Turkey.

Where does that leave Usagi, though?

They motion that she stays behind in Japan to nurse Mamoru back to health. This seems about right - we need someone to take care of the home front while everyone else is away.

I like Mina's comment the most:

: "Usagi-chan's power of love will revive him!"

Then Rei motions that when they all come back, they can have some crepes together.

"Soon, I shall bring back the Rose Crystal..."

I love the devotion, but Chibi-Usa's just gonna go get in trouble. Can someone please keep an eye on her?

Oh hey, that's the end of Chapter 1! Luna will pop up on screen every time just so we can save, so that's nice at least.

Next time on Sailor Moon: Another Story, we'll be going to Switzerland. See you then!

Team Set-Up:

(Sailor Mercury, level 6, , Inner Senshi) - "Brrr. I can't imagine what being here would be like if I didn't have my ice powers."


~Fun Sailor Moon Fact~:

There's currently over 200 episodes of the 90s anime, including Season 4 and 5 which are not covered in Another Story.

Season 4's villains were the Dead Moon Circus, a kingdom of living corpses that were originally normal people until their queen, Nehellenia, ate their Dream Mirrors to stay eternally young and beautiful. This transformed her servants into Lemures/Remless, who are some of arguably my favorite monster designs in the series.

The Dead Moon Circus was sealed away by the White Moon Kingdom / Princess Serenity while the Silver Millennium was still around, with the Dead Moon trapped inside of an eclipse.

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