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Posted August 2nd, 2011 at 4:02 AM by Osha_say_wott?!

Well, it's been well over a week since the Get-Together officially ended.^^ And I must say, it was my first event of this kind and I had lots of fun. =D Events like these is what make PC such a great community to be a part of. Right? Yup. :cer_nod:

I joined on the last day of the Easter event and saw all the events I missed out on, so I told myself next event I was gonna participate as many events I could during the next event and have tons of fun in the process. And, man, did I have fun during the GT. :cer_boogie:
I missed out on the Easter Egg-Swap and said I wouldn't miss the next one. Nope, nope. :cer_no: B/c it looked like lots of fun and I wanted to be part of it the next go around. So, the Egg Swap was definitely an event I made sure I participated in the GT.^^ I got myself an Axew. *insert Axew sprite here*

I have no idea how many events I participated in but it was quite a few and I still wanted to participate in more. xD But I couldn't and some events I had to pass on. :cer_frown:

Let's see... I participated in The Great Egg Swap, Artist's Challenge, Generation 5 Draw-off, Blog Competition, Astronomical Asteroids, Profile's Maker Prattle, The Society of Pokemon MENSA, Wonder Word Search, Post Theme-a-thon, Seasonal Photography and Pokemon Manga Translation.

The events I wanted to participate/take part in but didn't have time to were; the Small Writing Competition, Lego Building Competition, Who's That Pokemon?, Pokehumanification Contest, Singing Contest, Anime Streaming Marathon and the GT IRC.
I was gonna participate in the scavenger hunt, too, but I am completely inept when it comes knowing all about PC and finding my way around. xD Too bad there wasn't a cake-off, something tells me I would have done decently in that. :cer_tongue:

As for the results on some of these events..
As mentioned beforehand, I hatched an Axew in the Egg Swap.^^
I got 22 out of 30 in the Society of Pokemon MENSA. I was really proud of myself for scoring so well. =D I honestly thought I would be at the bottom of the pack, seeing as I have little to no knowledge of Gen II, III and IV. >.< And there were only 6 others who scored higher than me. .o. So yeah, pretty proud and happy with myself and how well I did. :cer_giggle:
Let's see...I found all the words in each of the word searches in the WWS, made it to the 2nd round in the Draw-off and placed 2nd in the Seasonal Photog. I also believe I got runner-up in the Pokemon theme in the Post Theme-a-thon. Oh, and I got a pretty low score on Asteroids. xD

Overall, the Get-Together was loads of fun, can't wait for the next event.^^ I had fun swapping eggs and not knowing what I was gonna end up with, drew for the first time in I think 4 or 5 years, same goes with photography, enjoyed a lot doing the word searches, had fun laughing at myself with how bad I was at Asteroids and whenever I blew up (which was soon and often xD), had fun using a different art-style in the Artist's Challenge, enjoyed trying to be creative and some of the events and I hope Impo was amused at some of my answers in the MENSA event that I couldn't find the answers for. xD (I amused myself, at least xP)
I really enjoyed the event and had a blast. Thanks to everyone involved in making the GT happen~! :3 Thank you, everyone.^^

Now that the GT is over, I'm not sure if I will still be on regularly. x3 It's okay, though, I'm just a spoke on the wheel, the wheel is going to keep turning. PC will still be awesome whether or not I'm around. ;D Also, Idiot and Doofus. ;D (If you got the references I just made and with the title of the blog, you're my new fav person on pc ;D)

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    Wait, you're not going to be around anymore because the GT is over? :( but there's more to see than GT!!!!
    Posted August 2nd, 2011 at 5:34 AM by Shining Raichu Shining Raichu is offline

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