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Prison Architect

Posted April 15th, 2014 at 3:21 PM by Griffinbane

Necrum decided to introduce me to Don't Starve some time back and I ended up binge gaming for weeks at a time. Well, he did it again. This time he showed me Prison Architect.

For anyone who isn't aware of this game, it's basically a simulation game where you build a prison. Yes, that's why it's called Prison Architect. But no, you don't just build a prison, you build it so that your prisoners will either be happy, or riot, or well, any way you want! This game is still in Alpha phase so it's super buggy.

Speaking of bugs... here's a few that might be amusing to you. And some, not-so-much.

~ Auto save causing game to crash - Actually, this one is only a theory, but it does seem to happen at just the right time interval. As long as your prison is small, this doesn't seem to happen. But once it gets big... my large prison game seems to crash every other auto save. It's very irritating.
~ Zombies - No, there aren't actually any zombies in the game. For some reason, teachers that are killed seem to move away whenever a guard puts them on a truck. Essentially it causes a loop for a while where the guard keeps running around in a circle dragging the dead teacher back onto the truck.
~ Ghosts - No, no ghosts either. My status always says that there are two dead bodies somewhere on the prison and I can never find them, even when I light the whole damn place up. My theory is that those dead teachers have managed to sequester themselves into a corner of the map where I can't access. That or I accidentally buried them under the buildings, but that seems very unlikely.

Anyhoo, when I bought the game, I somehow ended up with 200 accessible copies of the game. What to do...
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