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The Road to Worlds: The Excitement

Posted September 20th, 2013 at 9:12 AM by Griffinbane

This is a month overdue but oh well.

So during the Worlds Championship last month, the officials were streaming live online and well, I somehow got most of TC chat watching. There was SO MUCH catcalling and hissing and groaning over missed hits, critical hits, bad moves and whatnot.

Well, at the end of it, everyone was eagerly anticipating the announcement for the location for '14 Worlds. Guy who looks like Jim Carrey (to me) announces... "Washington, DC!"

Aaaaaand chat explodes. Well, thinking back, it made sense because most of us were located up and down the east coast and DC is a nice, central location for the east coast. Immediately after the announcement, PLANS WERE MADE.

In short, I am definitely going to DC, I (likely) have a free ride, and apparently I'm sharing a hotel room with at least 2 males?

Fast forward to now: I have 3 teams in testing and I have no idea how to set EVs for them. Two of them do quite well. Meaning I can battle with them alright and I'm used to how they work now. The third team needs work. Hmm.

Well, Philly Regionals is 37 days and counting. I'll be meeting Wiilio and Tman for the first time (yeeeeeah boyo) and kicking TheGr8 in the leg in person for the third time. Can't wait!
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    Oh, there was a lot of drooling over Worlds Pokemon loot too. What was it again? Something like $10k prize money, $5k in Pokemon cards, and other swag like plushies, posters, binders, and whatnot. GOSH I WANT IT ALL
    Posted September 20th, 2013 at 9:14 AM by Griffinbane Griffinbane is offline