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My White 2 Playthrough Part 1!

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My White 2 Playthrough Part 1!

Posted October 30th, 2012 at 4:43 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Updated October 30th, 2012 at 5:05 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Notes: Here is my play through of Pokemon White 2. I named my character "Lisa" for purposes of this thing. Since it's me posting this, be prepared for a ton of real world references and jokes into some of the logical fallacies of Pokemon that my character is more than happy to point out. Also, my rival is named "Rick" for my game. I didn't keep the default "Hugh" because I figured there would be enough inside jokes in this already without making up crude jokes about Hugh, his mansion, and his harem of Lopunny every time he shows up.

Anyway, let us begin!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa, trainer ID 52761. I'm currently living in the Unova region, which sounds like a weird name, but since it is named in honor of the Chevrolet Nova, I'm willing to forgive that.

I'm less forgiving about the name of the town I'm living in - Aspertia City. I mean, come on! It sounds like the name of an artificial sweetener! Why don't towns here have nice sounding names, like Gatewood Estates or Parkview Heights? Whatever, I guess. Besides, if anyone asks I'll just claim my hometown is Pineville, North Carolina or Fort Mill, South Carolina, or something cool like that. So, there I am, resting at home when my mom comes barging in calling my name. So, I go to see what's up.

Mom: Do you want your own Pokemon?
Me: Well, I would really rather have a Buick...
Mom: Come on honey, all girls your age dream of going on a Pokemon journey!
Me: Really? And none dream of earning their MBA and CPA, and becoming a financial executive at a Fortune 500 company earning seven or eight figures a year?
Mom: 0_o
Me: Fine, I guess I can humor you by doing this whole "journey" thing. Just let me change...
Mom: No, you look fine!
Me: MOM! I'm wearing black tights with the shorts I usually wear to bed! Can't I at least put on a skirt or something?
Mom: It's fine! Let's go!

Damn... I really think I would've looked better in a skirt or dress... whatever, I'll have my revenge come tax time. Let's see how Mom likes filing her Form 1040 without me there helping her... bwahahahaha...

So I get no more than three steps out my door where I'm accosted by this local kid named Rick... with his weird dark blue hair and his kid sister. He thinks we're good friends. As far as I'm concerned, we're just casual acquaintances. But I let him live his fantasy. But he seems even more pushy than Mom regarding this matter. Am I the only one who's just going through the motions with this?

Anyway, my first mission apparently is to find this person named Bianca. With Rick practically pushing me from behind, I finally find her at this lookout area north of town. Blond, glasses, big green hat? Check. But dang, this girl seems really... flaky... do professors really hire people like this for their assistants? Somehow, I'm thinking there isn't a master's degree in chemical engineering involved here...

So, after some talking I finally get to choose my Pokemon. After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each, I choose the water type that they call Oshawott, though I promptly name it something that's easier for me to pronounce: Vince. Of course, before I can even head down the stairs and back to town, I'm met with a challenge from Rick. Really? You're picking a fight with me already?

Rick attacks Vince and I with his Snivy, which is a grass type as well as being a ridiculous Pokemon name. He should've named it something like "Craig" or "Steve" or something. Now, despite his claims of raising it from an egg, it turns out that it has a grand total of zero powerful, devastating Egg moves to sic on Vince. In fact, it does Leer for three straight turns, allowing Vince to promptly finish it off.

Okay, first battle was a smashing success, and Rick runs off. You would think that now I'd be left to my own devices, but no, Bianca drags me to...

The Pokemon Center?! These places are still up and running, even after that nasty trademark/copyright infringement lawsuit brought - and won - by Red Roof Inn? And the roof is still red! Methinks I need to call Red Roof Inn's attorneys and alert them to this continued theft and misuse of their intellectual property. I'll do that later. Besides, I need these places up and running while I'm journeying. After that's done, then I'll report my findings.

So I'm given the tour of the place. It's not nearly as nice as the motel chain they're trying to imitate, but for the purposes of quick healing, it'll suffice. Outside the place, I'm gang-rushed by my mom and Rick's kid sister. I get these things called "Running Shoes," though... considering the fact that I wasn't wearing six-inch heels in the first place, I can't help but ask why my regular shoes weren't fit for running. The sister hands me two Town Maps... which to my dismay are not published by Rand McNally. I'm supposed to give one to Rick if I see him again. Yup, I'm now an errand girl for these people. Terrific.

Okay, now I finally get the chance to proceed. It is here on this first route that I recruit the second member of my all-star (hahaha) squad - Ashley the Purrloin. Other than that first team addition, the first route is fairly uneventful, but then...

HOLY CRAP IT'S CIPHER ADMIN DAKIM! Oh, I forgot... he got a facelift, a tan and goes by "Alder" now. As if that's gonna fool me. I mean, he apparently has the same uncanny jumping ability he had when he leaped off that Mount Battle platform over in Orre, for crying out loud! He looks me over... which is really creepy based on the age difference as well as his record as a Cipher operative. He starts chatting about this and that, but when I bring up Shadow Entei, he strangely clams up. Hmmm...

So, Dakim leads me into the next town... I can't remember the name but it was something bizarre. The stop here is short. Dakim says he's going to "train" me (which sent shivers up my spine and made the hair on my neck stand up) but first I need to give the Town Map to Rick. I'll give him both if he wants them, and just fall back on Google Maps.

Now onto...

SWEET! Route 20! That's the highway that goes right past Columbia, South Carolina, home to NashiCon! But wait... this is suspiciously overgrown for what is supposed to be a multi-lane limited access interstate freeway. Anyway, this really rude hiking-type guy has the east half of the route blocked off, so I have to go to the northwest exit...

Wait... there's supposed to be Lake Murray and Columbiana Mall on the northwest side of Columbia... what is this weird ranch place? But hey, at least I recruit my third team member here. Please meet Howard the Mareep! And just in time too, as Rick wants to throw down again. He's at level 8 now. Ooh, scary... except for the fact that I'm packing level 13 Pokemon now. It doesn't take long to lay the smackdown. Just then the owners of this place show up, and tell us that they lost a Pokemon. See if this was the mall, they could just announce it over the PA and have them meet the rest of their party at the food court or something. But nooooo, now we have to go look for it. And Rick... well, that dude goes completely crazy and runs off. Wonder what got into him? So anyway, I look for this Pokemon, training along the way (it's here that Vince evolved into Dewott). As far as the missing Pokemon is concerned, I eventually find it along with this weird guy in black.

Weird guy: Do you know of Team Plasma?
Me: Nope. I know of Enron, and Worldcom, and Tyco, and National Century Financial Enterprises, and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, but no, Team Plasma doesn't ring a bell.
Weird Plasma Guy: *some stuff about how they tried to take over two years ago*
Me: Crap. So I take it you guys aren't running an investment scam or Ponzi scheme or healthcare fraud. Man, y'all is BORING!

Well, that's enough to get him running off, and finally owner and Pokemon are reunited. So I head back, and after a scene with Dakim and two kids in his house that weirded me out, I get a hint that there's a gym open in my hometown and I should go battle the leader.

So I head to this place, and I'm challenged by two kids in some batlte area in back of the building. After dealing with those two, it's on to the leader!

Lisa vs. Cheren

Now, for this battle, I used Ashley the Purrloin who was at level 18 at the time. You know, since both of Cheren's Pokemon give out Attack EV's and she's the only Pokemon I have thus far that can utilize them. Anyway, her Pursuit finished off both of Cheren's Pokemon in two hits. Not really a big challenge here.

Afterward, I receive the Basic Badge and head out toward my next destination.

Current Team:
Vince (Dewott) Lv18
Ashley (Purrloin) Lv18
Howard (Mareep) Lv12
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    I don't know about your player character, but my player character has made close to 7 figures in just 2 weeks! :P Clearly Pokemon Trainers are far more valued in Unova than in other lands.
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