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Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco- July 26 2014

Posted July 30th, 2014 at 8:09 AM by Treecko

Warning: This blog post is very long. You've been warned.

Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots- with special guest Walk the Moon and Fitz and the Tantrums: AKA The Point's Big Summer Show#3 July 26, 2014

On Saturday, I went to see Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots with my good friend , Jacob.. He was lucky to win tickets to the show and knew how much I love Twenty One Pilots and gave me one so we finally reunited after 7 years and went to the show together. I did take pictures , but a good amount of them turned out bad cause the 3DS camera is crap. So most of the pictures I use in this , I stole from Jacob. He said I could use them so it's fine. Okay, on to the actual show itself.

Before the show
I woke up on Saturday around 10 and barely got 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I was way too excited to finally see Twenty One Pilots and Panic!! Jacob said he'd pick me up around 4, so I just goofed off on the Internet until then and got ready to leave around 2:30. As 4 was approaching, I was getting nervous. This is a guy I hadn't seen since 8th grade and we're now finally meeting up again after 7 years. I wasn't sure what I'd say to him and I knew there'd be this tension between us when we first saw each other. We were such close friends as kids , and then we went separate ways after grade school, so I also knew it be a chance to reminisce and get reacquainted, which also made me happy.

Anyway, he came knocking on my door around 4:10 with his brother, Charlie ,who tagged along with Jacob to make things less weird. Jacob, Charlie, my brother Michael and I talked for a while and reconnected. It was really nice being able to know what he's been up too in the last 7 years. We chatted for about 15-20 minutes and then Jacob, Charlie and me headed off. (Unfortunately he could only get two tickets so Michael wasn't able to go.) We hoped into his mom's car (since he's only a permit driver atm) and we drove out to the venue. There he handed me my ticket and we talked a bit more. We arrived at the venue around 5 and his mom dropped us off at the drop-off area and left with Charlie.

One thing I learned about Jacob is that he drinks (or more often than me) cause the first thing he bought was a Mike's Hard Lemonade. It was rather expensive too, 14 buck for one can. We also got these cool sunglasses from State Farm (or the ones in my profile picture) for free and all we had to do is fill out this form.

Anyway, we found a spot on the lawn around the center of the stage and set my blanket down. It was mid lawn, so not too far, not too close. Decent for a lawn seat. They had big screens for lawn people so watching the performances wasn't going to be a problem. We talked a bit more before the first show started and he gave me the last bits of his Mike's Lemonade. I honestly actually enjoyed it and it was better than other beers/alcoholic beverages I’ve had before.

The show started at 5:30 when one of The Point DJs announced the opening act, Magic Man. They were a relatively new band to me, though I knew one of their songs, "Paris" because I heard it on the satellite radio station, AltNation. They were pretty good, and I definitely want to listen to more of their music. We sat on the blanket and watch them perform. It was a bit hard to get into to them though, since their performance wasn't played on the screens, but other than that, it was really enjoyable.

Walk the Moon

After Magic Man, Walk the Moon came on. I already knew their music before and I'm a big fan of theirs, so I got more into their setlist. I know I was in for a good show, and I got what I expected. They started with their song "Lisa Baby" and then one of my favorites songs of theirs "Tightrope". Their vocalist, Nicholas Petricca, sounds as good as he does on their album. They then played a new song called "Spend Your Money" which got me really excited and we both got on our feet for it. They played one of my favorites of theirs "Shiver Shiver" which really made me happy cause I was looking forward to hearing it. They played another new song called "Shut Up and Dance" and I really liked it and now I honestly can't wait for their new album! They ended their show with their Alternative hit "Anna Sun" and the crowd went wild. Honestly if you don't know of their music, I recommend you to listen to them cause they're a fun , catchy indie rock number and you'll love them.

Fitz and the Tantrums

Next came Fitz and the Tantrums, who also were really fun. I have always described them as "soulful indie pop", and that's exactly what they produced with their show. Very soulful and easy to dance too. I didn't know all of their songs, but the ones they played were fun. The one that get my attention was their cover of "Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics. It was very jazzy compared to others covers I've heard, such as Marilyn Manson's cover, which Jacob mentioned. At one point their saxophone player had this kick-butt sax solo, which he ended with the sax part in the chorus of "Talk Dirty". It was pretty funny and a really epic solo. Their co-singer, Noelle, really had a killer set of pipes too. That woman can sing! Her voice added more soul to their songs. They ended their show with a bang by playing "The Walker”, my favorite song of theirs so I really got into to it. I really want to give their music a chance now, cause I really liked it.

During Fitz and the Tantrum's performance, I was starting to get hungry, so afterwards, I decided to get something to eat. I brought 10 bucks, which my dad thought would be enough for food (and he expected we'd go somewhere after the concerts) but it really wasn't. Nachos were almost 7 dollars and water and soda were 4 bucks. I wanted food and a drink, and 10 bucks wouldn't do, so I went back to ask Jacob for 5 more dollars. I got lost finding our spot back and Jacob ended up finding me dazed and confused. He gladly loaned me a 5 and we went back to the food venues. The lines were really long and I was worried I'd missed Twenty One Pilots cause we heard the crowd screaming, so therefore we decided that it was better to wait till they were done before getting food. I didn't want to miss a second of their performance!

Twenty One Pilots

.Just before Twenty One Pilots came on, Jacob and I were getting really excited. I just couldn't contain myself and was really nervous. I was about to see my favorite band live. I've been a fan of this band since late 2012 and I was finally able to see them perform live after a year plus of obsessing over them. And I've always heard that they were phenomenal performers, so I had high expectations for them.

They delivered exactly what I was hoping and even exceeded my expectations! As I expected, Tyler (lead singer) and Josh (drummer) come on with their iconic ski masks. There were even people in the pit with ski mask on so it really shows the fans (or The Skeleton Clique) dedication. They opened with "Guns for Hands" and I belted every lyric. That song has a special attachment to me cause it was the first of theirs I listened to and how I fell in love with them in the first place. I looked around as the song started, and noticed the crowd was two times bigger in size! The following song was "Migraine" ,which was a good song to get the crowd going, since it has a lot of shoutable parts (such as the "I am not as fine as I seem. Pardon?" part). Next was "Holding On To You", which I personally was really into. I got closer to try to get a picture, failed to get a good picture, and then got distracted by dancing and screaming the words. I danced the most with that song and even had this one dance session with this one guy where we put our hands together and danced around. I also high-fived a dude as he was going up the stairs that lead to lawn seats. I went freaking wild. Here’s my best picture.

Then they played "House of Gold" (their cutest song obviously) and then "Semi-Automatic". Tyler Joseph is honestly one of my favorite people. He's such an energetic performer, rapper, singer and ukulele player. He got on his piano many times, got in the crowd and made them stand him up, did sweet backflips and jumped all over the place. Josh was an amazing drummer and performer as well and did some sweet flips himself. (And had his cool purple hair/mohawk/shaved hair thing.) In the middle of "The Run and Go" , Tyler told every to jump on someone and sit on their shoulders. Jacob and I tried jumping on each other and kept falling over. XD I have never climbed on someone out of fear of losing balance, and we did exactly that. So we gave up. Car Radio was after words though and was emotional. I'm sure I almost cried a few times. Before the song started, Tyler told everyone to jump together at a certain part (the very ravey-part in the middle/end) cause we were "part of this band too” and it was just really fun seeing thousands of people jump at the same time. I think it's cause he said we were also a part of the band which made the Skeleton Clique like a family. Last song they played was "Trees", which made me really happy. It's in my top 5 Twenty One Pilots songs so I was really happy it was their last song. They're just amazing performers all together and I was so happy to finally see them. I sometimes had a hard time singing and just laughed like an idiot and was smiling the whole time. I'm sure it was obvious I was a big 21 Pilots fan cause of how into it I was. XD

It was so good, everyone demanded an encore. I personally was screaming like crazy for an encore, cause I wanted to hear more songs like "Truce" or "Screen" or something off their independent releases like "Lovely”, "Isle of Flightless Birds", "Addict With a Pen”, "Pantaloon" or "Johnny Boy". It would have been nice to hear more songs from them, but for the time they had, I was satisfied. Next time I see them, I hope they're the headliners and I can get center or the pit cause it would feel more personal. I'd be so happy.

I really talked a lot about Twenty One Pilots, so on to Panic! At the Disco!
Panic! At the Disco

After screaming and dancing like crazy for Twenty One Pilots, I was starting to lose my energy a bit, therefore, I decided to quickly grab a bite to eat. Jacob tagged along to buy some merch, and to make sure I didn't get lost again lol. He was wearing just a plain t-shirt and shorts and said he felt under-dressed and needed a new shirt, so a band shirt was definitely needed. I found the nearest booth with drinks and bought myself a liter of Smart Water. I figured I needed it for Panic! , cause I knew I'd be doing more dancing and singing. I paid almost 8 dollars for it though. It was freaking ridiculous and it's honestly the most I've paid for water ever. I joined Jacob at the merchandise booth, where he a bought a Panic! Gospel Tour shirt which had our venue on it. (I don't think it technically was part of the Gospel Tour, but rather something The Point set, but hey St. Louis/Maryland Heights, MO was on the shirt so.) I then bought some nachos for 7 bucks and it's at this point, I couldn't believe I spent 15 dollars on water and nachos.
Anyway, we got back to our spots and waited for Panic! to come on so we chilled for a bit as I ate my nachos. Then The Point DJs (the beautiful Lux their late afternoon girl, and Patrico and Jeff from their morning show) came on the stage and announced Panic! At the Disco and also took a group picture/selfie for The Point's Facebook page/website. I'm sure I'm not in the shot, but it was fun anyways.

Once they left the stage, P!ATD's show started with this Western music and Brendon (their lead singer) and the band made their entrance. This was followed by the intro of "Vegas Lights" and Panic started their show with a bang! Their next song, "Time to Dance" really got me dancing. I honestly didn't realize until seeing them live, how amazing Brendon can sing. Each song sounded exactly like they did on their albums. And he's a really funny, energetic dude who knows how to get a going. He told us the story behind “Miss Jackson" and casually was like "This next song is about a girl I used to ♥♥♥♥. Then she went out and ♥♥♥♥ed all my friends so I broke up with her." I was just so amuse of how casually told the story and surprised cause I honestly thought it was about Janet Jackson (since it references here song) instead. I just really got into the whole setlist, but when they started "Nicotine", I went crazy. It was one of the many songs I was looking forward to cause of how catchy it is and it was in my head all week. Finally hearing it made my day. I also really got into "Ready to Go" and "Nine in the Afternoon", but every song had me dancing. After "This is Gospel”, I was really getting low on energy cause I was all over the place. The song that stood out the most, however, was their killer "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover. Brendon delivered such awesome vocals throughout the song and it was spectacular. I had to take a moment to sit down though and just enjoy it. It was really calming and I felt really relaxed for a moment. I got back up when "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" started though, the last song they played. Hard not to get into that song. It's their signature song and the one everyone knows, and the crowd went nuts when they started to play it. Panic blew me away too as well. The crowd also demanded an encore for Panic!, but unfortunately we didn't get one. "I Write Sins" was a good place to end, though, so I really didn't think they needed to.

The show was finally over, and so Jacob and I packed up our stuff and went towards the parking lot for his mom to pick us up. On the way out, these two guys had this crazy twerk off! XD The guy who started it was in these tiny Panic! At the Disco booty shorts, which was both funny and disturbing to see. It was hilarious though, just seeing two random people twerk.

We met up with his mom in the parking lot and she took me home. On the way, we talked mostly about TV shows and the concert. I had a hard time talking from all the screaming, and my voice was pretty much gone at that point. I came home around 11:20, had a nice Mountain Dew, and then enjoyed my night.

TL;DR: I overall really enjoyed my night. Twenty One Pilots blew me away and I couldn't stop smiling!! Panic! At the Disco were also really amazing and Brendon is pretty funny! Walk the Moon, Magic Man, and Fitz and the Tantrums were also great. It was nice reconnecting with my friend Jacob again and I really want to see him more often. The next time I see him, though, it has to be with my brother, Michael. He's been wanting to hang with Jacob for a while now, so I hope we can hang again soon. I also got free shades, and paid way too much for food. I have only experienced two concerts, but out of the two, this one was definitely the best!

To end this blog, I thought I post one of the better selfies, Jacob and I took. It's still not the best picture since we took it at the least second on our way home in his mom's car. However, it's the best of the three we took.

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