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    Welcome to the Uthingo Region (v2)

    The early routes of Uthingo have some surprising new Pokemon!

    Hyrakurl, the Hyrax Pokemon, is a Normal-type that spends its time in the rocky outcrops of Uthingo. Apparently they share a common ancestor with Donphan.

    Chickick, the Leggy Bird Pokemon, is a Flying-type Pokemon that can pummel prey with its talons. Its favorite food is Ekans.

    Larvocust, the Hungry Worm Pokemon, is a Bug/Dark type that has been blamed for famines in Uthingo's past. They avoid rotting crops, however.

    Uthingo has some regional variants of Pokemon from other regions!

    Uthingolian Poochyena is a Ground-type that is known to steal food from Pyroar. The females are a bit more aggressive than the males.

    Uthingolian Ekans is a Dragon-type. It lost the ability to produce venom, but makes up for it with brute strength. It evolves into Nothipp.

    Uthingolian Glameow is an Electric/Normal-type, well known for its speed and spots. It evolves into Purcheeta.
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