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Anybody else have IBS?

Posted July 31st, 2011 at 11:13 PM by Steven

I am just curious, because I am going to go on a huge rant about this..well..more like a few sentences.

About two years ago I just randomly started getting really bad stomach pains and digestive upset. I don't know why. I just did.

It always happened when I would go to school, out with friends or family, and so on. So, I cut myself off. I only talked to friends at school, didn't go places with family, and I started missing school. My senior year I missed 40 days of school because of it.

I don't understand how this could just start up randomly, but it did. Nothing helped. I haven't had pains in awhile because I've been at home all summer in my room playing on the computer, too afraid to go outside. Now, I am about to start a job and I am in so much fear that the pains will prevent me from doing my job. the end of my rope, I just bought a bunch of herbal medicine. I bought an herb called Ashwaganda online - it's supposed to be very good for stress (but not making you tired or out of it.) I've heard of it being used by actual doctors to treat anxiety, so, I figured I can just give it a try? It was only a few bucks..(well, I payed like 10 dollars in shipping because I want it here before I start my job)

I guess if people really care I'll make a follow up blog?

This is much more than a few sentences. AND I AM SO TIRED MY LEFT EYE KEEPS TWITCHING! >:o
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