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Happy Late New Year!

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Happy Late New Year!

Posted January 1st, 2014 at 11:30 PM by Sammi

Hope you all had an awesome New Year's celebration!

I am celebrating a day late with this decent champagne that I bought to split with my roommate. He didn't like it so much. I drank 2/3rds of this damn $15 bottle don't you know I'm on a budget here.

So, who even remembers I exist? I don't post anymore, but I check in at least 1 a week... maybe... lately it's been less than before, but Christmastime is busy at work, so I work more hours and get less time for me. Should get better in the next few weeks since it's over. You can always VM me if you really do miss me, I'll reply eventually. <3

If you're curious where I went, I have an Animal Crossing addiction that I doubt will stop anytime soon. I adopt out villagers for free in my spare time on a site I'd rather not admit I frequent. Got a second copy for it and everything. Honestly it's probably the most meaningful thing I do right now, adopting pixels out to strangers over the Internet when I'm not at work. Life is... well, not very good. I have no long-term plans. I just go day by day with no goals in life. :/ Do yourselves a favor, kids, and have long-term goals. Don't be a 24 year old loser.

I did buy and beat the storyline in Pokemon X, but I didn't really do much besides that... barring breeding Eevee for Wondertrade for a bit. Haven't touched it in awhile. Might play it more whenever Bank actually comes out and I can transfer more Pokemon. Sucks it's been delayed. Picked up the new 3DS Zelda game too, which I hope to start tomorrow after I wake up. Whenever that is. My sleep the past few days has been soooo crappy.

Well, that's all. Hope that this year holds a lot in store for all of us! Especially me. :p
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