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Aiden used curse. It had no effect!

Posted April 17th, 2015 at 4:43 AM by Circuit


I feel like crud after today. Nothing has gone right. Work declined my request to take a computer that was to be thrown away. My computer is still giving me gyp, and I've now waited six months for compensation from the shipping company who broke it (who I had up to £700 worth of insurance with too). Still nothing.

That, and my trainer for the past three weeks, and further three weeks is a very disagreeable man. You should know that I have only learnt German for 8 months. This guy expects me (and my class, mostly in the same situation) to learn by ourselves a topic (in German btw) with many technical words we have great trouble understanding, and also present said topic in the same day. Moans at us when it's not very good, and refuses to teach us or give us basic background knowledge on each topic to build on. And he insults us all the time too.

You could say basically I'm extremely fed up with everything being thrown at me at the moment.

On the other hand it is the weekend so now I can sit back and relax and do what I want for two days. Ha. I need a holiday. Only two and a half months to go. 10 weeks more. Then my first year of this apprenticeship is complete, and I'm one step closer to my future (I hope).
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