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About Me

About Me

Hi there, I'm Ryan. :D Or you may also know me as Ryab, Orby, Pink Peach, Bleach Toy, Beachy, or any other of my nicknames. (Which one will you come up with?) I'm the mastermind failure behind the Feelin' Fresh blog and its contents.

I'm pretty much your average 18-year-old teen. I'm into sports, music, swimming & surfing, and usual stuff like that. Love Pocket Monsters, design & organization, PC's history 'n' the Battle Frontier. >:D You'll usually find me "Searching Forums" or "Posting Blog" (in other words, working on drafts for various reasons)

My blog commonly consists of random or funny stuff, entries dealing with my Battle Frontier craze, things going on around PC, recent fandoms & news, and generally just another place to go wild 'n' crazy, ya'know?

Hope you enjoy Feelin' Fresh, too. \o