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Shine Diamond episode 44--The Afterpost

Posted August 18th, 2018 at 12:16 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang has a scary encounter with the ghost Pokemon Spiritomb!

The big change for this episode was removing the evil team. Battling Spiritomb seemed like enough of a conflict without an evil team butting in.

The reason the tower is destroyed and Spiritomb released is different in the remix--rather than a battle, I decided to have the whole mess be an accident on Stormy's part, since Ash has Tails already, and Aipom is cut in the remix so Dawn can get a Mega Evolve-able Pokemon in a few episodes.

I also had the group be more willing to admit they accidentally released Spiritomb rather than wait until they are told the legend. It made more sense for them to admit their wrong, and be told the legend as a way to help them find a way to make things right.

One of the few movies that is canon in the remix is movie 8, which is why Brock brings it up during the brainstorming session. The combination of Sir Aaron's magic and his deep bond with Tintri is how Ash (and by extension Brock) can still cast magic via the Swanna Song.

I also cut and sped up some of the battle scenes to show just how powerful Spiritomb is, and that ordinary attacks won't hurt it.

Next time, the gang inspires a group of bridge builders with their talents!
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