There is a worm lizard on top of a MEOW-TAIN.

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Pokémon always comes back to me after I let it go and push it to the dark abyss I call "I got bored and maybe I will play with you months from now." It came back in the form of Ultra Sun and boi. Am. I. Enjoying it.

College is wrapping up, my Thanksgiving was quite the rollercoaster, and oh! Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving to those who do celebrate it! Man I bet that turkey didn't see what was coming (or chicken for some?), cuz I was starving.

Wanna hear a joke...
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I don't like pudding
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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 2

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Never fear, the citizens of Tokyo - a group of magical teenagers in sailor uniforms will save the day.

... Saying that out loud makes me realize just how weird the magical girl genre is as a whole, but that's also probably why I love it.

Chapter #2 - Looming Threat


[Current OST: File
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Impossible to gauge!
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Random poll time!

Posted 2 Days Ago at 3:58 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ (Wouldn't YOU really rather have a Buick?)

Which restaurant makes the best fries? These don't have to be fast food places or even chains; if there's a locally owned restaurant that serves up the best fries in the world, please share

Asking because I'm looking for places to add to my bucket list.
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On that 'Non stop road'
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Moonlight Silver episode 107a--The Afterpost

Posted 2 Days Ago at 12:03 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group meets the Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair, and keep Kamon away from a Dratini.

The biggest change in this arc was cutting Team Rocket out and replacing them with Kamon--since this is also the point where you beat Kamon for the last time in the games, and he admits his wrongdoing all along, I decided to have this occur in the remixed anime as well, which made for an epic arc that may need more than four episodes.

Clair does in fact share a Heart Song with...
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
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My Challenges

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Current Challenges:
The Rainbow Challenge(Pokemon Emerald)
Random Pokemon Challenge(Pokemon Black)

Completed Challenges:
Trainer Personality Examination Challenge (Pokemon Moon)

Challenges hosted by me:
Trainer Personality Examination Challenge (Revived)
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